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life is a top-down view game
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an application for your GPS-enabled PDA, hooked up to your calendar application. displays a countdown and an arrow that points into the direction of your next appointment.

[+] original GTA2 sounds
[+] perfect for UPS delivery guys
[-] probably not useful for cubicle workers


erlehmann, Jan 16 2008

rockstar classics http://www.rockstargames.com/classics/
free download of gta, wild metal, gta2 [erlehmann, Jan 16 2008]


       Nice one - I undertook a journey on Sunday for the first time with GPS assistance, and the feeling of being in a computer game was uncanny, until the battery ran out.
zen_tom, Jan 16 2008

       i thought of this mainly because i often placed phone calls a la "where are you right now ?" or "where exactly should i go now ?".   

       in case i want to meet someone at a place unknown to him / her, i could send an SMS: 1120 bits should be enough to give detailed GPS information plus some unwanted metadata.   

       speaking of sms: i have already sent an XPM via SMS when i had no internet.
erlehmann, Jan 16 2008

       My car has a navigational display on the dashboard that shows the direction of travel with the next turn if imminent, with a bar and numerical countdown in yards or miles (depending on distance). (This is in addition to the map that you can't really look at while driving.)   

       I'm thinking the UPS guys will already have something like that.
DrCurry, Jan 16 2008

       It's been mentioned here before, but as a snippet of something literally "quite interesting", due to someone working out the comparative costs, UPS guys follow routes designed around the premise that they can only ever turn right.
zen_tom, Jan 16 2008

       //can only ever turn right.//   

       Well, in erms of cost savings, you'd only need half a steering rack...
Custardguts, Jan 16 2008

       Can we have one that says "You have a Blackberry - please turn sharp left at the next bridge"? [EDIT] Sorry. I'm in a bad mood. See my profile for reason.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 16 2008

       Your predicament sounds easily resolved. Why the bad mood?   

       <tangent> You need a license for a TV? What does obtaining said document involve?
Texticle, Jan 16 2008

       <radically off-topic> It sounds easily resolved, but isn't. Both the letter AND the licence have the wrong postcode, but reached me nevertheless. My attempts to get them to register the right postcode for me have failed three times. So, my actual postcode has no TV licence, despite the fact that they bill me for it directly. I thnk it's the sort of situation that Douglas Adams would have written a book about.   

       Yes, you need a licence for a TV in the UK because it subsidises non- commercial (advert-free) TV. It's controversial but hey. Obtaining one is meant to be easy. I. Am. Ready. To. Kill.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 16 2008

       what worries me is when I feel part of a jigsaw or worse, a sudoku puzzle. pinch me, I'm dreaming...
po, Jan 16 2008

       Yes, but if you're dreaming then you dreamt you asked me to pinch you, in which case my doing so for real would constitute assault, no?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 16 2008

       I'd remember, no worries. gently please, no nails.
po, Jan 16 2008

       This is getting kinky. I don't think I can do kinky and angry at the same time. Can I get a what our American cousins refer to as a raincheck?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 16 2008

       Do you think I could get one that told me when the next time would be that I'd be going toward a certain place?
Ander, Jan 17 2008


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