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The anti-Survivor
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The goal of this game show is to see how people can come out of situation "alive". You start off with all the contestants scattered in some remote location. They have to find each other, and complete a number of challenges before a time limit expires (7 days for example). If they make it, they each get a prize. If not, they go away with the home edition of the game.

Now the fun begins - will everyone band together? Will some think their chances will be better if they separate into their own group? Will someone try to go it alone? Obviously, the challenges would be designed with team work in mind.

kerskine, Jan 19 2004


       The fairly popular TV series "Road Rules" from MTV had a similar format as this ...
Letsbuildafort, Jan 19 2004


       or is anti-survivor the clue.   

       (not that I've ever watched it, honest.)Just found out that the concept was created in 1992 - Ignore me.
skinflaps, Sep 27 2007


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