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I'm The Pope, Get me Out-a-here!

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I'm The Pope, Get me Out-a-here! is a re-creation of the infamous TV reality show "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here", except this one features a number of religious leaders, to see which one cracks first under the strain of the moronic and humiliating tasks they must perform.
xenzag, Apr 16 2011


       Yessss! Oh, yesss please, make this happen!   

       The challenges could be reciprocally set by each religious leader in rotation.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 16 2011

       I'm thinking of including someone like Bono for added cringe effect and viewer puking.
xenzag, Apr 17 2011

       I vote for Dicky Dawkins - he could add a pseudo-intellectual edge to help catch another segment of viewerdom.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 17 2011

       This is in addition to the moronic and humiliating tasks they ordinarily perform, right?
spidermother, Apr 17 2011

       For balance Richard Dawkins is in there too, right?
Germanicus, Apr 17 2011

       What an excellent idea, [Germanicus]!
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 17 2011

       How about including Noam Chomsky for good measure?   

       For their first task, they must carve a replica of themselves out a block of soap, using a large toe-nail (provided). The most convincing replica is set up as a shrine, that the other competitors must worship or else be required to eat the head of their own effigy.
xenzag, Apr 17 2011

       No riff-raff.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 17 2011

       That let's you off the hook then.
xenzag, Apr 17 2011

       White smoke if they finish the challenge.
tatterdemalion, Apr 17 2011

       How about also having someone like Richard Dawkins?
pocmloc, Apr 17 2011

       I nominate James Randi as host.   

       Hmm, how did I manage to miss that Dawkins had been said before? I fear I now look a fool!   

       But seriously, ugh, that is just shoddy reading by me.
Germanicus, Apr 18 2011

       Are we just nominating people we don't like, or is this a specifically anti-religious thing?   

       If it's the former, then here's my list: I think Damien Hirst and Tracy Emin are unashamed self-publicists, but then, I'm not huge fans of the Chuckle Brothers either. That crazy pastor who set fire to a Koran isn't great, but apart from that, since we live in a secular society, I don't see what influence any of them might have on my life, so I'm quite happy to let them all get on with it. I don't really find Michael Mcintyre that funny, and I did think that Frankie Boyle went too far in his last series. I've little to no interest in the details of Katie Price's life, and I'm not too bothered about what the Royals get up to. Nor am I a fan of Noel Edmunds, Simon Mayo, Kilroy, or Jeremy Kyle.   

       Would I like to see all of these people paid 000's to participate in another shit TV programme? Not really. Would I watch such a TV program? No, probably not.
zen_tom, Apr 18 2011

       I was thinking of inviting you too.... another time.
xenzag, Apr 18 2011

       Heh, you'd have to pay really well - I've got better things to do than scoff worms with Ant and Dec.   

       But seriously, we've already had politicians included in the B-lists of people who've agreed to be on IACGMOOH. Isn't a religious leader just another kind of politician, and if so, what's new here? Would it really be exciting to watch the Archbishop of Canterbury get covered in beetles? What about the Dalai Lama? Or Jonathan Sacks?
zen_tom, Apr 18 2011

       It would amuse me greatly. Devising the tasks being one of the best parts.
xenzag, Apr 18 2011

       Hey! I've got it! Get that Richard Dawkins bloke to host!!!1!
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 18 2011

       Is the idea, then, that the faith of the individual members of the cast (for want of a better word) will see them through the trying times (spiny beetles shoved up rectums, forced to drink bat spunk etc), with the most serene being in some way the victor, and his or her religion being scientifically proven the bestest at helping individuals hold on to their sanity in trying times? Is that it, or is it basically, get Ian Paisley on telly and smear him in excrement ho ho ho?   

       Incidentally, Michael MacIntyre has the most rebarbative face on world television.
calum, Apr 18 2011

       //Is the idea, then...?//   

       I don't want to put words (or worms) into anyone's mouth, but for me the ideal would be to have each religious leader undergo some of the more bizarre rituals of his opponents. Circumcize the Imam; call the Pope to prayer at 3am (we don't need to tell him that there isn't really a need for that); make the Scientologists live without electricity for a week....Oh, and I vote that Breatharians are included in the lineup.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 18 2011

       [marked-for-deletion] punish people who do X (annoy me); cruelty; gross-out humor; me-too
lurch, Apr 18 2011

       How is it punishment when they volunteer to participate by invitation, and can leave at any time?   

       Since every religion places great store on enduring hardship, pain and suffering, I hardly see any cause for complaint if it's laid on with a reward at its conclusion. Isn't that which all religions profess in a nut-shell anyway?
xenzag, Apr 18 2011

       //I hardly see any cause for complaint if it's laid on with a reward at its conclusion//   

       Isn't that what that creepy bastard told Susan Boyle?
lurch, Apr 18 2011

       //see which one cracks first under the strain of the moronic and humiliating tasks they must perform// You may have to add duplicitous, hypocritical, down-right loathsome, sexually maligned, fraudulent, scaremongering, etc, tasks to the menu. In order to see their true colours...
4whom, Apr 18 2011


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