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Extreme Survivor game show

Let's see how people REALLY do in survival situations.
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Let's take our fixation on reality television, and the Gladiatorial games approach and mix 'em together. Rather than doing a Survivor show where contestants are competing in mild mazes and simple situations, let's really put them into a survival situation.

16 Contestants are dropped, individually into a wild area (e.g. Banf park in Canada), each approximately 10 miles from the other. No one knows where anyone else is. They have to get back to a designated point by whatever means possible. No rules, no laws. First one there wins the pot of gold.

Cameramen follow with the same rules that nature shows use - Observe only. Do not interfere. Provide the camera teams with defenders as well.

Now THAT would be reality TV!!


Orion, Jan 19 2002

Almost Baked http://www.channel4...ntv/the_mission.cfm
Apart from the amoral activity implied in the idea. [calum, Jan 20 2002]


       I have no fixation on pseudo-reality TV. TV producers like their budgets to be as low as possible, so this 'reality TV' would be too expensive to produce.
thumbwax, Jan 19 2002

       That's Banff (sp). However Banff is way too commerical now...all they would have to do is follow the tourists. Survivor does need to be in a colder climate though. Wilds of Saskatchewan perhaps.
bluerowan, Jan 21 2002

       Should be set somewhere like Baffin Island, where it's good and cold.
cairo, Jan 22 2002

       How about a survivor show where the contestants have to watch re runs of previous shows. The first one to survive watching re run in its entirety wins!
midge11766, Jan 23 2002

       I thought you said "extreme" survivor. Toss in a grizzly bear or two and then you'd have EXTREME SURVIVOR.
Boshraff, Feb 27 2002


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