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Game: 1950-60's Actor

Speak really fast and Unnaturally like a 50s-60s actor
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Ever notice that American 1950's and 1960's films always have actors who speak VERY FAST, act unnaturally, and sport those strange purposely "forced" accents? Well, its your turn to be such an actor!

In this game you see two bobble head like characters on the screen. Their faces are of some 50s-60s actors (wearing a hat of course). You are one of those heads...the other one is a computer opponent.

Your goal is to select the appropriate conversational response from a collection presented on-screen based on what is spoken by your computer opponent. You must select the correct response as quick as possible so as to be insync with a 50's-60's style actor...

As levels progress you must select the right response quicker and quicker so it can be spoken aloud faster and faster...even at times overlapping the computer opponent (as if you knew what he was going to say).

nuf said

quantass, Sep 02 2009




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