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Gaming for Charity

LAN parties to cure cancer, shelter the homeless, etc
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Everyone knows about the constant drive to cure cancer, AIDS, diabetes, and other diseases. My idea is to host LAN parties for charities, much like walkathons.

Seeing that there are many gamers out there who want a good party, a hospital or charity could collect funds per gamer (at perhaps $7 USD per gamer for a night?) and provide computers or consoles for them to play on, all connected together with some popular games such as Halo, Battlefield, Half-Life, and more. If the party is massive enough, the charity could make many funds.

Since computers and consoles are (normally) a one-time payment, the price to host a party would eventually pay for themselves, save for upgrades and new accessories/games.

Arcalyth, Jan 12 2007


       Admirable intentions, [Arcalyth], but is this really any different from 'sponsored X' or 'X-athon' for any other value of X?   

       <shows age>I can remember participating in a RPG version of this called 'DragonAid' back in the 1980s.</shows age>
pertinax, Jan 12 2007

       [pertinax] - It's just focusing on a different type of person. If you cater to each group's interest, yield is increased.
Arcalyth, Jan 12 2007

       the internet is killng LAN parties.   

       When 16mb broadband is commonplace -- I think we'll see our last ever LAN parties
britboy, Jan 12 2007

       Just call me daft, no please don't, but what is this? What is a LAN party? Have I ever been to one? Would I have fun? Is food and tequilla part of the experience? Can I bring my cat? Is there a place for her to go potty?
blissmiss, Jan 12 2007

       [britboy] I disagree; the university I was at had a 100mbit network across half of the city, yet lan parties were still organised at the student union. It's about meeting the people you normally just talk to and shoot at.
david_scothern, Jan 12 2007

       [It's about meeting the people you normally just talk to and shoot at]   

       Ah, and there lies something to do with world peace, I'm certain.
normzone, Jan 12 2007

       This idea is now baked! See http://socialgamer.net   

       Lots of Rock Band Marathons and such for charities and causes.
Arcalyth, Sep 27 2008


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