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Haunted particle accelerator

Just another particle.
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Ghosts are tricky. They seem to manifest unpredictably, and most often when skeptical investigators are not around. It is very hard to apply scientific principles to the investigation of paranormal phenomena.

One reason has been lack of proper equipment. Consider that ghosts need energy too - from somewhere. The provision of an ample source of energy should make it energetically more favorable for ghosts to manifest. In fact, it might be impossible for them not to do so if enough energy is pumped into the system. But as pointed out in a previous idea, the ghosts, once manifest, might spitefully refuse to do anything. However, a careful analysis of energy budgets should be able to detect their presence by an unaccounted-for deficit of energy.

Particle accelerators generate large amounts of energy, and are equipped to account for it all - once of the ways in which new subatomic particles are generated and then observed. These same principles could be applied to ghost hunting. I propose that the next large particle accelerator be built on haunted, cursed ground. In addition to the ghost-hunting project as above, cursed real estate can be obtained at low cost, which is helpful as particle accelerators are large.

bungston, Nov 24 2003

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       "ghosts need energy too" - I thought the whole point was that they didn't. If they obeyed the laws of physics, after all, they'd be "normal" not "paranormal".   

       Btw, on the basis of the Amityville Horror, and many others, I would really recommend *not* building a hgih energy particle accelerator on haunted ground...
DrCurry, Nov 24 2003

       "What's wrong Egon?"   

       "Only the fact that we're standing 100 meters directly over an unlicensed particle accelerator the size of a freight train."   

wombat, Nov 24 2003

       <display>System Error B00008BRDW.</display>
Don Quixote, Nov 24 2003

       I smell a Scooby-Doo sequel!!!
krazietom, Apr 30 2004

       I think that once you built the accelerator, the ghosts might find something better to do with their time.
Detly, Apr 30 2004

       The fifth massacre this week at the ammityville supercollider has interrupted an experiment aimed at producing a quantumn black hole of unprecidented size.   

       Lab instruments indicate the production of a singularity, but researcher were unable to locate it after the police had cleared the building.   

       In other news, Scientists are alarmed at a recent surge in geologic instability centered on the eastern seaboard of te united states...
ye_river_xiv, Apr 02 2007

       Baked by Einstein: Spooky action at a distance.
Ling, Apr 02 2007

       Why not just gruesomely murder a bunch of people at an existing particle accelerator? Then you wouldn't run into any problems with ghosts interrupting the consturction process, because there wouldn't be ghosts yet.   

       Might have some troubles getting past the ethics review board, though.
Smurfsahoy, Apr 02 2007

       This should have been in the movie plot category.
Voice, Nov 18 2014

       While we're here...   

       I have this theory that computer mice are often possessed.
Think about it - have you ever used a computer where your mousing arm gets very cold, and your pointer will occasionally jump a few centimetres all by itself?
Loris, Feb 18 2015


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