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Hi-speed De-leafer

Have your trees drop their leaves all at once
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Nikola Tesla was reported to have toyed with oscillators in the early 1900s, shaking several buildings enough to loosen the rivets, knock coffee and donuts from tables and cause fear and despair in the occupants. He is said to have accomplished this by attaching an oscillator to a main support in the building, tuning it to the building’s resonant frequency and letting it run. Great fun in the name of science.

I propose a similar device to hasten the falling of leaves from their trees in the Autumn. No longer will one have to rake a layer of dead leaves twice daily for a month, but simply attach the device to the trunk, tune it to the tree harmonic and let it run. Dead leaves, acorns, old bark, used bird nests and squirrels will all rain down, to be raked up and disposed of. Once.

Edit: Shorter name at request of [blissmiss].

whatrock, Oct 04 2016

Shake them nuts free! https://www.youtube...watch?v=j4r0TT6ax0I
Mine would be single-person portable and run off a Lion battery. [whatrock, Nov 03 2022]


       Thank you for editing your idea title to a small, easy to read, short little blurb. It draws me in. If I can understand the entire idea by reading the title, there is no fun in discovery and I have stopped even reading them. Just me, I may be shorter in patience than I used to be, but age does that to you.   

       As for your idea...hmmm, I get your point and see the value, however...as a lover of nature, in all it's forms and follies, a watcher of rain drops, individual rain drops even, and leaves falling, little and big. leaves falling, in orchestra, with the wind, I pretty much like the way they fall to the ground, one at a time, or sometimes two together with twigs linking them. I don't have to rake them though, so my perspective could be somewhat jaded.
blissmiss, Oct 04 2016

       With this, in a few minutes you could bring Network Rail to a complete standstill.   

       No-one would notice ...
8th of 7, Oct 04 2016

       I doubt most trees have high enough Q at any given frequency.
notexactly, Oct 11 2016

       Hmm, a much larger version than mine (link).
whatrock, Nov 03 2022


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