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Geriatric Power Chair Winter Olympics

"...Let's Hope That Battery Holds Out, Jim..."
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In some communities old folks in power chairs are three and four abreast on the side of (and often in the middle of) the road. The challenge of mobility has been met and defeated! It's time to raise the bar! A fresh new set of challenges are in order!

It's time for the Geriatric Power Chair Winter Olympics!

Understanding that we have to start somewhere, we are now accepting competitors for the first exciting new Winter Game: the Power Chair Ski Jump. This will soon be followed by the Dual Chair Slalom Moguls, Speed Chairing, Power Chair Luge, and Couples Figure Chairing.

Grogster, Feb 10 2012


       The couples figure chairing could be a real event. I help my aunt (activities director) sometimes at a nursing home, and some of those elderly people still have a spark, even if their bodies have given out on them.
Psalm_97, Feb 10 2012

       It's one thing to be given the freedom to go down to the shops after having recovered from a nasty fall and subsequent hip-replacement, it's very much another to perform a 150 metre ski jump.
zen_tom, Feb 10 2012

       True, z_t, but think of the entertainment value for the rest of us! As a society, we already seem to be eating our children, it's time for exploitation of the elderly & infirm to make a big comeback too!
DrBob, Feb 10 2012


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