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Geek Code

HalfBakery Geek Code
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As inspired by original Geek Code (see link below) here is an unofficial version for the Halfbakery for use in people's profiles. Aware this might strain the idea section I've added a sample of people suggestions, corrections and cunning ideas.

Feel free to offer suggestions noting things like line breaks.

e is for Explosives
e++ Everything should explode regularily.
e+ Anything should explode when required.
e A few things would be better explosive.
e- Enough explodes already.
e-- I prefer things to be inert.

p is for Pedantry
p++ Aberrate errors make me irrational.
p+ I love pointing out mistakes.
p I discretely suggest corrections.
p- Errors are not my biggest concern.
p-- I am tolerant enough to read hAcKeRR.

s is for Surrealism
s++ I am completely hatstand.
s+ People are amazed by my leaps of thought.
s I can suspend my disbelief.
s- I don't like it when people get weird.
s-- I only read reference books.

g is for gravity and gravitas of someone's ideas.
g++ My ideas are so serious you could put them on show at the British Museum.
g+ My ideas can only be understood by Economist-readers.
g My ideas could appear on TV shows.
g- My ideas incline towards the whimsical.
g-- Many of my ideas mention anti-gravity.

B is for someone's Britishness
B+++ I am the Queen or a Close Relative.
B++ English person keen on cricket, etiquette and perfidery.
B+ Brit.
B I'm a trans-Atlantic type.
B- American.
B-- Texan keen on baseball, the constitution and hegemony.
B--- I am George W. Bush.

A is for someone's affinity with Australian
A++ I understand the differences between wallabies and kangaroos.
A+ I know about barbies and aborigines.
A You mean there's a country outside of Sydney?
A- Oh, I just love those cuddly little Koala (pronounced Kola) Bears.
A-- Your capital city is Vienna, right?

As an example a HalfBakey Geek Code (HBGC) could be:
HBGC e- p s++ g- B++ A+

Aristotle, Mar 11 2001

The Code of the Geeks v3.12 http://www.geekcode.com/geek.html
The latest version of the original Geek Code. [Aristotle, Mar 11 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Ideas that Explode http://www.halfbake...xpression=exploding
These factors were ... [Aristotle, Mar 11 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Pedantic Ideas http://www.halfbake...hexpression=pedants
... not chosen ... [Aristotle, Mar 11 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Surreal Ideas http://www.halfbake...hexpression=surreal
... at random. [Aristotle, Mar 11 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       You're just saying that because the other two are "p" and "s"...
egnor, Mar 12 2001

       b could be for the bakedness of one's ideas. The sooner your ideas are declared baked (on average after ignoring PeterSealy's instant-baked) the more plusses after your b.
sirrobin, Mar 12 2001

       An excellent build. Mind you, Bakedness is not always a bad thing as people can find services and products they have always wanted this way. When I'm touched by the muse I'll incorporate this and any other good suggestions.
Aristotle, Mar 12 2001

       What does book-burning have to do with not being surreal?
bookworm, Mar 12 2001

       Thats me being mildly poetic. The idea I was trying to convey that the opposite to surrealism is an dogmatic insistance on a particular "hard-edged" view of reality. Look at the people who argue politics here straight after conversion to a particular viewpoint with it's own internally consistent rhetoric and implore people to read the books that converted them. Such people are likely to consider other views dangerous - hence the book burning.
Aristotle, Mar 13 2001

       'g', for gravity - both mass-attraction, and seriousness, importance, etc.

g++ My ideas are so serious you could put them on show at the British Museum
g+ My ideas can only be understood by Economist-readers
g My ideas could appear on TV shows
g- My ideas incline towards the whimsical
g-- Many of my ideas mention anti-gravity
hippo, Mar 13 2001

       Just to clarify, this idea (as proposed) is for profiles - informative brevity for the shy.
Aristotle, Mar 13 2001, last modified Mar 14 2001

       'B' for Britishness (of persons, not ideas)   

       B+++ I am the Queen, or a Close Relative
B++ Football Hooligan
B+ Brit
B Eurodollarperson
B- American
B-- Texan
B--- I am George W. Bush

       It just seems to be a concern around here.
So: mine: e++ p-- s++ g-- B--
mcdonald107, Mar 13 2001

       "n" is for (search) ninja.   

       n+++ I am Starchaser.
n++ I have a black belt in Searchjitsu.
n+ I run everything past Google, just in case.
n If it looks familiar, I'll check a search engine or something.
n- I've posted a number of ideas that turned out to be baked.
n-- If it ain't in Yahoo!I don't know about it.
n--- What's that [link] thingie mean?
!n I am Peter Sealy; let Egnor add the damn link if he wants one so much.

       For those keeping score at home: e p+ s+ g+(-) B- n++
Uncle Nutsy, Mar 13 2001

       So, are we to assume from mcdonald107's annotation that Texan is to American as Football Hooligan is to British (i.e. a deeply disliked source of national embarrassment and shame)? ;o}   

       I must say that I like the concept of the "Britishness" of an idea. Presumably something to do with tea, Bowler hats or cows who think they're squirrels would score quite highly?
mark_t, Mar 13 2001

       In keeeping wwith the self-referential nature of some parts of the HalfBakery.....

G++ I live and breathe the HalfBakery Geek Code (HGC) and shower it with croissants
G+ I wish I'd thought of the HGC
G I wish I'd been the first to annotate the HGC. Why is it always PS?
G- What HGC?
G-- Ooooh! This deserves a rotting fish carcass vote!

hippo (e-- p++ s+ g+ B+++(-) n++ G+)
hippo, Mar 13 2001

       I also like the concept of rating "Britishness." I'd add "B x i" for people who are American but like to pretend they are British (i.e. Madonna).   

       Victoria (e+ p+ s++ g- n++ B-)
FakeGreenDress, Mar 13 2001

       For a wanna be Brit, wouldn't the annotation be something like "B->B+" (if I understand the original Geek Code notation correctly)?   

       e p s g B- n+(++) (epsg? Could I really be *this* middle of the road?)
PotatoStew, Mar 14 2001

       That would make me e p+ s+ g B#!@&%! n G+

What's a B#!@&%!? That's what you put when you're not British or American and you feel like swearing at British and American type people who think they're the whole world.
sirrobin, Mar 14 2001

       'r' for 'refresh' - how often you refresh your web browser to check for new content on HalfBakery.

r+++ I am Peter Sealy
r++ Not more than every 10 minutes during waking hours
r+ More often than I think about sex
r Every day
r- Less often than I think about sex
r-- The HalfBakery updates?
r--- I am rayfo
hippo, Mar 14 2001

       I will integrate these suggestions at the weekend. Note however I might adapt the following values of B to:   

       B++ English person keen on cricket, etiquette and perdifery.
B I'm a trans-Atlantic type.
B-- Texan keen on baseball, the constitution and hegemony.
Aristotle, Mar 14 2001

       An old criticism of the English by the French. Very much an anachronism ... which is why I'm quite fond of it.
Aristotle, Mar 14 2001

       UnaBubba: Better, but I'm still not sure I like it. My family has been Australian for six generations but I cannot stand Vegemite (and I'm not from Sydney either). I still feel the need to swear at people who don't get that the world wide web is world wide.
Perhaps instead of nationality a native language code should be included. Alternatively, since the semibakery seems to be full of english speakers an English proficiency score would be better so that puns and pedantry can be more properly aimed.

E+++ I am Gene Wolfe
E++ I am William Shakespeare (and I'm not quite dead yet)
E+ English is my native language and I am not American
E English is my native language
E- I am Dan Quayle
E-- I am a professional sports commentator or train station announcer
E--- Que?
sirrobin, Mar 14 2001

       I wonder if "Aberrate errors make me irrational" is meant to bait the pedants.
francois, Mar 14 2001

       [Peter - So, privacy issues aside, a quick grep through Jutta's weblogs will tell us the minumum number of times you think about sex in any given day... :-) ]
hippo, Mar 14 2001

       Uncle Nutsy: You should change 'I am StarChaser' <note the extra capital> to 'I am Jutta', who is our resident search engine ninja...I'd be an n+, MAYBE n++.
StarChaser, Mar 14 2001

       Don't most males think about sex only once per day... for about 24 hours?
sirrobin, Mar 14 2001

       Rather than have a seperate code for each country, which could become confusing (as if it wasn't already), perhaps there should just be one code to indicate chauvinism, So...

C++ I live in God's own country. I love it & it loves me.
C+ My country's not perfect but it's better than your cruddy country.
C Man,I've lived in worse places than this.
C- Send lawyers, guns & money (c.Warren Zevon).
C-- Under the emergency laws I am forbidden to comment.
DrBob, Mar 15 2001

       Chauvanism is pretty good and I only shied away from having in it in my initial proposal because I couldn't think of anything funny enough. Besides I wanted the descriptors to be built up in an ecclectic way as befits the halfbakery. It's worked a treat so far.
Aristotle, Mar 15 2001

       Re: p   

       "discreetly", perhaps?
hello_c, Mar 22 2001

       Or "continuously"?
Monkfish, Mar 22 2001

       I think the 'S' should be changed to M for Mephista..
goff, Jun 07 2001

V++ I'm [Vernon]
V+ I'm [UnaBubba]
V I'm [blissmiss]
V- I'm [sparki]
V-- I'm [obliter8]

a+++ I'll annotate to my own annotations
a++ I'll annotate to anyone else's annotation
a+ I'll annotate at least once per idea
a I try to annotate when I have something to say
a- There are too many annotations already
a-- Annotations take too much time
a--- What does annotate mean?

       Idea source:
I+++ God whispers in my ear
I++ You don't think I went to college for nothing, do you?
I+ Inspired by real-life problems or existing inventions
I They just come to me
I- I've never posted an idea
I-- I never went in for that fancy book-learnin'
I--- Can somebody tie my shoes?
phoenix, Dec 19 2001

       Technical accuracy (t):
t++ I am Egnor.
t+ I am willing to think about the technical details of my idea or someone else's.
t I suppose I _could_ do this kind of thing, but it isn't worth the effort.
t- I don't worry about the finer details of my ideas.
t-- The laws of physics and thermodynamics can apply to them what wants it.
!t Irrelevent, the only ideas that I post are variations on the theme of "I can't believe it's not <X>".

       I suppose that would make me:
HBGC e+ p++ s g!%#$@ A++ n G- r++ E++ V(+) a+ t+ I- C++ 1/2B
cp, Dec 24 2001

       Multiple œB accounts:
X++++ I am El Pedanto. I have also been known as Captain _, parry, nambiar, Procrastination Man, obliter8, Peter_Sealeay, and UniBubba.
X+++ I have created other accounts temporarily, but I didn't keep them for long.
X++ I tried to create another account to post a silly comment, but I couldn't get past Jutta's new system.
X+ There's no reason why other people shouldn't create extra accounts if they want to.
X I have never considered the possibility of making multiple accounts.
X- I only need the one account, thank you.
X-- I play by the rules here. Anyone who even considers making a second account should be Dealt With.
X--- I don't have a Halfbakery account.
X---- I am Jutta. I make the rules. One account per customer, please.
cp, Dec 24 2001

       'Ch' for churning, ie. tendency to annotate to really old ideas:   

       Ch++ I am RayfordSteele
Ch+ I am phoenix
Ch-- I am PeterSealy

       Ray HBGC e+ s+ n p--@ !B- C+(-) A->A++ r- G+ Z-(++) E a++ i+ V t+ z+ X Ch++
RayfordSteele, Feb 07 2002

       [RayfordSteele] Change that to 'Churn'. Bubbling up the old ideas once in a while is a public service.
phoenix, Feb 07 2002

       Troll handling
T+++ I beat Trolls into submission a_n_d I Tar-and-Feather Trolls
T++ I beat Trolls into submission
T+ I Tar-and-Feather Trolls
T I paint a "T" with tar on Troll's chests
T- I tell Trolls to watch out for Tar
T-- I only get into a pillowfight with Trolls
T--- I tickle Trolls with feathers because I believe if a Troll says he's not a Troll, then by gawd, he's not a Troll
thumbwax, May 13 2002

       D, for the tendency to delete one's own ideas and/or annotations...   

       D++ Read 'em quick before they disappear!
D+ If my idea gets fishboned, it's gone.
D I reserve the right to change my mind if need be.
D- I'll only delete my anno's if they respond to missing anno's.
D-- I fear the finality of deleting things; everything stays.
XSarenkaX, Aug 27 2002

       Newbie Toleration:

NB++ I go out of my way to help newbies
NB+ I encourage newbies
NB I ignore newbies
NB- I silently loathe newbies
NB-- Newbies < Tapeworms
ghillie, Oct 14 2003

       Add the country code and the +/-'s, for example:   

       De++ Very German De-- Just happen to live in Germany   

       etc. Sorry, my wit is inactive at the moment.
dbmag9, Dec 16 2005

       M, Marking MO -   

       m+- Buns if it's a good idea, Bones if it's a bad idea - Comments if interested m+ Buns if it's good, Ignores otherwise m shy - never buns, never bones, rarely comments m- Only bones if it's a bad idea, Ignores otherwise m------ The Autoboner
Dub, Dec 17 2005

       I'm trying to work out how the others managed to get such a nice format - I really wanted to get the autoboner bit across
Dub, Dec 17 2005

       R for anno Relevancy   

       R++ I post poignant reflections
R+ I post a nifty thought
R I post what came to mind
R- I post my life story
R-- I post my life story, EVERY TIME

po, Mar 03 2006

       F++ a member of //the poo lobby//([bigsleep]'s felicitous phrase, recently coined, prompted this)
F+ derails threads with scatological humor
F piles on when discussion is clearly headed for the toilet anyway
F- perceives no humor in bathroom humor
F-- "people who find that stuff funny are Wrong."
mouseposture, Oct 05 2010

       // consolidating it into a movement //   

       Don't think for a moment we don't see what you did there.
BunsenHoneydew, Oct 25 2010


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