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give each user a half-sign...
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basicaly you get a horoscope based on when your acount was created... Now we just need some half-signs...

January to 0.5 of the way through February can be erm something to do with custard and they can all have explosive personalities... or not... someone help me out here...

RobertKidney, Oct 03 2001


       born end of august - under the sign of road cones; a bit of a follower, tends to flock and ends up upside down in a hole.
po, Oct 03 2001

       thank you- ok then:   

       born begining of june - under the sign of colaberative web fiction: often thinks "what the heck is this all about?!"
RobertKidney, Oct 03 2001

       you started this RK and now you are breaking up ....
po, Oct 03 2001

RobertKidney, Oct 05 2001

       How about just halving the existing signs?
Gemini would become the only child, Libra the tray on a string, Taurus the Damian Hurst. I can't quite get my head around the concept of half a virgin, though.
Lemon, Oct 05 2001

       Half of Leo's just what you need to make a gryphon. Half of aquarius is a jug filled with viscera. Half of Virgin Atlantic's owned by Singapore airlines (I did a web search for half a virgin, and I'm very relieved that's the worst I found.) Half of Aries is a single mitten. Half of Cancer's a light snack. Half of pisces is 2 fishbones tied together by a piece of string. Half of Sagittarius is Jim Carrey ("a US git"). Half of Capricorn's a matter for your chiropodist. And half of Scorpio's very useful to pull your wedgie out from your butt-cheeks.
pottedstu, Oct 05 2001

       is there a half-assed category?   

bobzaguy, Oct 07 2001


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