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Halfbakery 'Political' Parties

'Political' Parties of Halfbakers
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The basic idea stems from the fact that many of us wish to perform seperatitst groups, such as is set out in the 'Junior Halfbakery' and other related ideas.

There also seems to be a core group of people who are interested in the 'pure science' side of the HB, some interested in the abstract, some interested in the sublime and rediculous, others simply wanting things to be blown up.

What i propose is that Halfbakery 'Political' parties be formed. The parties i suggest for now are:

The Sealyites:
Believe that every idea is 'Baked' until proven 'new'

The Newbie-Carers:
Enjoy the company of Newbie's and wish to protect them from the evils of Newbie-Bashers, and to be a mentor t new 'Bakers to help them settle in nicely.

The Vernonians:
Wish to see more long winded prose. Post ideas and only annotate there ideas.

The Big Thor Coalition:
This group are in search of Big Thor and want to make things right for his return to the Halfbakery whenever that may be...

I bet you'd forgotten 'bout Big Thor, hadn't you, hadn't you! But the Big Thor Coalition will provail!

Other proposed groups are:
Junior/Senior Seperatist

Add your own and join in with all the fun of Halfbakery 'Politics' today.

[ sctld ], May 09 2002

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[phoenix, May 09 2002]

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[phoenix, May 09 2002]

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[phoenix, May 09 2002]

The 3/4 Baker's Club http://www.halfbake..._20Baker_27s_20Club
[phoenix, May 09 2002]

Geek Code http://www.halfbake...om/idea/Geek_20Code
Classify yourself as a baker ... [Aristotle, May 09 2002]

About Callahans http://www.callahans.org/
For blissmiss [pottedstu, May 09 2002]

Callahan's Crosstime Saloon, et al http://shop.barnesa...llahan&OPR=A&sort=P
What to look for when you get to the used bookstore.
Since B&N sorts reverse chronological when you ask for a sort by publication date you will want to start at the bottom of the list and work up. It's not vitally important, but there are a few stories that make reference to previous stories. [mwburden, May 10 2002]

Silly Party http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=k4khxeru5hs
[JesusHChrist, Apr 18 2014]


       What about those of us that hang out here because it's the closest thing to Callahan's Crosstime Saloon that we've been able to find.....
runforrestrun, May 09 2002

       strong suspicion that the number of political parties will end up equal to (or possible greater than) the number of users.   

       Who wants to join the realists?
rbl, May 09 2002

       The Lurkers. We're not so politically active but we do know *exactly* what's going on.
calum, May 09 2002

       sorry bliss, I always had the idea I was of the independant persuasion.
po, May 09 2002

phoenix, May 09 2002

       I dance alone - she says mysteriously with a knowing wink.
po, May 09 2002

       I don't think that those count, phoenix. Aristotle's works, though.
Galileo, May 09 2002

       I'm a member of the Facetious Party.
phoenix, May 09 2002

       [bliss] was aura me?
arora, May 09 2002

       I'm an anarchist. Where do I fit in?   

       blissmiss: re Callahans, see link. I've not read the books, but from what I've heard, I think forrest could have a point.   

       (Trick question. Anarchists don't fit in.)
pottedstu, May 09 2002

       Will there be a hosted bar?   Parties just aren't parties without those.
bristolz, May 09 2002

       pottedstu, trust me, the similarities are scary somedays.....   

       blissmiss, dear, get thee to a used bookstore, I PROMISE you will enjoy the Callahan books
runforrestrun, May 10 2002

       Hm. I'm interested in the Callahan adventure, too.
bristolz, May 10 2002

       As in tallest tree in the forest with a herring, bubba?
yamahito, May 10 2002

       The reform party. Keep us in office for every election. Every four years we completely rework our entire agenda.   

       I propose that the HB Geek Code be recognized as an official declaration, indicative of your party leanings. That being the case, every category of the code would have political categories...   

       Some of the more radical parties:
The Custard Liberation Organization
People for ENglish, Demonstrating Against Non-Standard Text (P.EN.D.A.N.T.)
And the right-wing Fundamentalist Church of No Pants.
RayfordSteele, May 11 2002

       UB, only if it kills a mime.
RayfordSteele, May 11 2002

       [+] Such a nice old-timey post! My faction is the Semi-Mental bakerhood; and sentimental of missing ideas like this.
xandram, Apr 18 2014

       What she said. +
blissmiss, Apr 18 2014


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