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Germophobe's Birthday Cake Candelabra

Spread the good cheer--not the rhinovirus
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Would you eat your dinner if someone huffed and puffed on it first at close range? Let's hope not. But when your friend blows out the candles on his birthday cake and offers you a slice, it's the same thing. It could be topped with buttercream, sprinkles--and bird flu, for all anyone knows.

That's where the Germophobe Birthday Cake Canedlabra comes in. Just place birthday candles in the candelabra and light them. Sing yourselves hoarse. Then remove the candelabra, and hand it to your friend to blow the candles out, while facing away from the cake (and from me, thank you).

A goody bag is all you should bring home from the party!

YoDaveG, Apr 10 2006


       So don't eat the icing, sheesh!
DrCurry, Apr 11 2006

       Don't eat the yellow icing?
jutta, Apr 11 2006

       I dunno about not eating the icing... sometimes it can be just so light and fluffy...
S1, Apr 11 2006

       I fail to see how taking home a "goody bag" is better than taking home a pet virus. [+]
Letsbuildafort, Apr 11 2006

po, Apr 11 2006

       Assuming your friend isn't blowing spittle onto the cake, what difference is there between eating a slice of the cake and sitting in the same room as your friend? Do you honestly believe that every breath of air you take is a sweet, virgin, never before inhaled paradigm of purity?
DocBrown, Apr 11 2006

       Every breath you take   

       And every cake you bake   

       Every flame you blow, every germ you make   

       I’ll be watching you
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Apr 11 2006

       I prepared the cake in my shower. I baked it as I bathed.
phundug, Apr 11 2006

       "Oh can't you see   

       Air velocity   

       Every breath you take   

       Makes my sore throat ache"
normzone, Apr 11 2006

       Reminds me of that calculation that every breath you take likely contains something like 1000 molecules that were sometime in the past exhaled by Leonardo da Vinci....
sophocles, Apr 13 2006

       Oh, and I assume that when you hand your friend the candelabra, you are wearing gloves, n'est-ce pas?
sophocles, Apr 13 2006


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