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Healthy behavior assistant via remote entertainment feed

Your daily life as someone else's entertainment; your sanitary habits as someone else's responsibility.
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Many humans spend part of their life cycle out and about interacting with other humans who may or may not be the carriers of deadly or mildly inconvinient pathogens. (henceforth Behaviour A)

They spend other parts of their life-cycle sitting on big squashy supporting structures located in their dwelling-houses, watching the antics of other humans on remote tele-screens. (henceforth Behaviour B)

The A-group of Humans can minimise their chances of contracting deadly or mildly unpleasant diseases by a fairly complex sequence of habits and behaviours; however Humans seem not to be very good at remembering to wash their hands, avoid sneexing people, and other tings. I'm not even 100% sure what things I should or should not do; I can read up on general guidance advice when I am relaxing at home but I tend to forget it when I am on a crowded bus trying to work out whether this stop or the next is nearest to where I am supposed to be in a meeting in 5 minutes time.

Anyway what I was thinking is that person A could be fitted out with monitoring devices via their phone, smartwatch and perhaps also body- or drone-mounted cameras. The data feed would be streamed to a central server, which would pseudo-anonymise it and then provide it on-demand to type B humans, who , being in a different time-zone, would be relaxing at home after a long day in the office, and who would be eager to watch some "real life drama" on their glowing screen.

The B-humans could giggle with delight at my funny antics on the crowded bus. When they see me reaching out to grab a grab-handle, which had only seconds since been grabbed by a snotty-nosed obviously terminally ill tramp, they could grab their remote control and press the "watch out" button. The signal would be relayed to my smartwatch which would broadcast the "watchout" signal and I would know that I had just been saved from the most gruesome infection.

pocmloc, Feb 25 2020

Wrist Watch Slap on the Wrist inspiration [pocmloc, Feb 25 2020]


       But... but... this isn't a [beanangel] idea ...
8th of 7, Feb 25 2020

       My thoughts exactly.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 25 2020

       So where did he get that idea title ? Spooky....
8th of 7, Feb 25 2020

       They probably have, but not in your unique personal style ...
8th of 7, Feb 25 2020

       Is there a group remoting for a block of the signal?
wjt, Feb 26 2020

       Making food that is not producing health economic externalities, is probably the way. I mean, make unhealthy food taste terrible, and only healthy food taste good (we have the technology to do that!), and you'll get people addicted to healthy food.
Mindey, Feb 26 2020

       Except it's not just about taste; texture is a big factor. And in a free market, people buy what they like, not what's good for them, and non-free markets are always unsustainable for more than a short time.   

       "Healthy" diets in less affluent countries - high in vegetables, low in meat and fat- are a function of economic necessity, not personal choice.   

       "Let them eat cake". Humans like cake. Most humans like cake a lot more than they like, for example, lentil soup, or boiled cabbage. That's not to say that humans don't or won't eat cabbage - quite the reverse, many do, with every indication of enjoyment.   

       Humans have an innate propensity to do foolish, self destructive things. Mountaineering, cave diving, eating bad diets, not taking exercise ... the list is very long.   

       The problem is not the wrong sort of diet, or the wrong sort of food, or the wrong sort of education, but - fundamentally - the wrong sort of people ...
8th of 7, Feb 26 2020


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