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Ghost Pets

Like 'Sea Monkeys' tm but more apparitional.
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This is pretty baked';' (or is it a or an ...?)':' films, TV, etc. But, to crisp the idea, ghost pets would provide companionship despite the 'owners' corporeal attention. Because they, the pets, un/fortunately, would be ghosts.
miggavin, Mar 08 2016


       Scary, how would I know they were there? Rattling of chains, occasional "boo's", an ever so often flash of a white apparition? Don't get it. I like my pets alive, not dead. I'm unique that way, I guess.
blissmiss, Mar 08 2016

       signs of ghost pet ownership:
eerie but classically foul smelling ectoplasmic shite grouted into the treads of your crocs and ground into the weave of your carpet
continuing sense of guilt that you haven't cleaned out the tank
woken in the night by the feeling of your leg being humped by a dog that isn't there
dead birds in the garret
visits from Sherlock Holmes
calum, Mar 08 2016


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