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Harley Krishnas

You know, people who chant, wear long robes, and ride Hogs.
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After all, people are complex. There should be at least one religion that acknowledges the paradox of being human, and doesn't make you feel bad about it. It may as well be one that gets you outdoors regularly and lets you ride big, loud motorcycles.
Ander, Oct 13 2000

Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance http://www.amazon.c...002-5595718-5977667
Nobody's posted this link yet? [shkspr, Oct 13 2000]


       If someone bought me a Harley, I'd wear an orange robe and chant. Or a blue one, or a red one.....
Alcin, Oct 14 2000

       Vroom mani padme vroom. You could dangle those little bells from your rear view mirrors...
Lemon, Nov 21 2000

       In Singapore, Sikhs, who customarily wear turbans, are exempt from compulsory motorcycle helmet laws.
rmutt, Dec 07 2000

       You mean, Harley Krishas are in the campaign?
Vance, Feb 14 2001

       Centered in the Pack
(with apologies to the Shangri-La's
and most likely everyone else, too)

Is she really seeking Krishna?
Well, there she is. Let's ask her
Betty, is that Krishna you're chanting?
Gee, it must be a great vibrating mantra
Seeking divine energy from the back of a Hog
By the way, where'd you learn it?

I heard it in an airport parking lot
A Harley Krishna thrumming rhythmically
Divine consciousness (in the city streets)
That's when I rolled out (centered in the pack)

       My folks were always putting me down (down, down)
Saying only whores ride Harleys around town
(They would have been saying only whores ride Harleys
around town)
I told them I was seeking Rama
I knew I was a hog-riding mamma
That why I tool out (centered in the pack)

       One day my dad said, whats the matter with you
Why can't you take the bus like other girls do?
(Why couldn't they have been taking the bus like other
girls have been doing?)
I stood there and offered him a ride
And he decided to give it a try
So now dad's becoming (centered in the pack)

Riding hogs, letting the saffron fly
Pleasure seeking beings, centered in the flow
Riding on sunny days and rainy nights
Allowing mental purity to grow
Gunning my Harley, forever I'll go ...

       Look Within! Look Within! Look Within!

Keeping my Hog tuned along with my mind
Finding Rama on the road is mighty fine
People look at me funny but I don't care
Flowing orange robes and a top-knot for hair

       Centered in the pack (there she goes)
Centered in the pack (there she goes)
Vroom many padme thrum (thrumm thrumm)
Vroom many padme thrum (thrumm thrumm)

       Soterios, May 25 2001
[Soterios has left the halfbakery to get some work done for a change, but let me have permission to keep this around.]
jutta, Jun 06 2001

Zimmy, Mar 08 2006


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