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global seance

nerds all over the globe contact the afterlife
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nerds unite all over the world - late at night in your various dingy little rooms at your vastly different homes (or not) sat in front of our lonely monitors (is there music in the background? t.v. ? children crying ? silence ? and let us contact those who have gone before to the great half-bakery in the sky

lets all link our links and close our eyes and think of each other - aix - stargazer - that sealey bloke - angel-unabubba-susen - don't forget phoenix etc etc

lets bring down the spirits of the afterlife - is there anyone there?????????????????? talk to us .........

po, Sep 04 2001


       My Grandmother (beliefs: Spiritualist and occasional Presbyterian) and Aunt (beliefs: Spiritualist) used a Ouija board to contact my Grandfather on many occasions. We lads and ladettes would be outside the entire time, but upon Exit back into the real world - my Aunt had obviously been through turmoil. It was never discussed with us wee folk. Never saw jutta at any of those things.
thumbwax, Sep 04 2001

       delete Jutta with respect   

       add thumbwax with equal respect   


       however Jutta are you afraid of the awesome power that you may very well command   

       in 1/2 bakery trad nothing tried nothing ventured
po, Sep 04 2001

       po - Did you lose your membership in your geocities spiritualist group?
quarterbaker, Sep 04 2001

       please enlighten me on your comment - please remember I am the smallest if feisty tellytubby   

       a little naive i'm afraid
po, Sep 04 2001

       po - it was a bit of a jab. There are geocities groups for lots of wierd topics, including spiritualism.
I have this funny image of the teletubbies doing a seance on their show, with the babysun gigglecrying at the ghosties that show up. Heh - everything done at least twice, ghosties saying "oh oh" for hello, etc.
quarterbaker, Sep 04 2001

       am not a spiritualist bullshitter - I have an open mind !
po, Sep 04 2001

       please see my remarks on your possible power - open your mind to extreme possibilities = Mulder to Scully
po, Sep 04 2001

       For refernce - folks. jutta was in the original idea as a participant in a seance, and had not wanted to be any part of 'new age' environment.
I like the teletubbies visualization too.
thumbwax, Sep 05 2001

       Well I think when this idea was posted I was probably awake away from a computer for the first time in what seemed like months, drinking some strange spirit called 'Tuaca'...sorry I missed the seance guys.
-alx, Sep 07 2001

       <All signs point to "no thanks">
PotatoStew, Sep 07 2001

       I hate it I hate it...everyone gets to talk to some famous blighter or blighterette except me...every seance it's the same spirit, that dung-shoveler what got kicked in the forehead by a horse in 542 AD, hate the way he talks "Vlub gethy wubwub fthaw" and so on, spraying drool all the while, and then after, when the lights are up and po is going on "Ooo well I was tarking with Cleopatry and she tells me, 'Popo, if I had it to do over I'd make Caesar kiss my asp yes indeed...'", someone says "What's that on your shirt, Dog Ed--yech, it's covered in ectoplasm!" and all I can come up with is "Gethy gethy wub fthaw..." I hate it, I hate seances.
Dog Ed, Sep 07 2001


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