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Denominational Data Repository

religions need to be more gracious with intellectual property
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Each religious denomination should have a central data repository with documents, code, and artistic assets. At minimum they should have source code for Android/iOS apps and app back ends so individual houses of worship can tweak them to make their own apps. For bigger denominations like Catholicism other data could be available, like VR models of cathedrals and recordings of chants. Licensing would be on a case by case basis but more open licenses would be preferred (I remember a campaign by some younger Catholics to get the church to release their documents under a Creative Commons license).

Maybe some would go far enough to buy the rights to their holy books and release them in the public domain.

lepton, Oct 03 2016


       I think you'll find that as far as national copyright laws are concerned, any holy work older than a century or so is already in the public domain. But organizing all of it is always good thing, and it is possible that the data associated with doing that organizing is copyright-able.
Vernon, Oct 03 2016

       <old joke>   

       So, Moses comes down to Earth with the commandments, and he offers them to a French guy.   

       "What are these commandments?" says the French guy. "Well", says Moses, "for example there's 'thou shalt not commit adultery'." The French guy says "I don't think so - no thanks."   

       So Moses goes to a Welshman and offers him the commandments. "Give me an example, boyo" says the Welshman. "Well", says Moses, "for instance, there's 'thou shalt not steal'." "Nah", says the Welshman "thanks, but no thanks."   

       So the despondent Moses goes to this Jewish guy, and offers him the commandments. "How much are they?" says the guy. "They're free" says Moses. "I'll take ten."   

MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 03 2016

       The problem with holy works in copyright is though the original texts are long since public domain, contemporary translations not so much. I think Ruport Murdoch's HarperCollins owns the rights to the NIV translation of the Bible which is in use in most churches. Good Jewish commentaries and Buddhist books are also often under copyright because a lot of times the best stuff is the most recent.
lepton, Oct 03 2016

       I dunno. I sort of gave up on god since he stopped putting out new stuff.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 06 2016

       You mean like after the big bang?   

       Good luck talking the Scientologists into it.
RayfordSteele, Oct 06 2016


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