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the tree of Christmas past
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With the holiday season nearing, I've noticed the parrenial influx of Christmas related ideas appearing on the old HB. Here's my beautiful contribution.

There's no tree invloved in this one per se, but rather a ghostly sillhouette type of illusion made using fine fishing line, and various sized black chromy baubles.

Firstly you screw in around 20 or so hooks to the ceiling to form a solid circle of hooks around three feet in diameter. Then you do the same to the floor directly below the ceiling fixtures. You then attach the almost-invisible fishing line to the ceiling and go back and forth from the ceiling to the floor weaving the line through the hooks until the circle is complete. Imagine, if you will a harp, but with several layers of stings formed into a circle .

You now have the 'canvas' on which to attach the baubles in a manner so to resemble the outline of a tree in 3 dimensions.

ho ho ho-ly crap the decorations are floating on that invisible tree!

shinobi, Dec 16 2006


       I like it, though I've seen something similar in an art exhibit. (Instead of ornamnents it was full of floating fishing lures.) +
xandram, Dec 16 2006

       I like this idea although it is remarkably similar to the one beneath it.   

       bun for shinobi i say. When Xmas is done you could replace the "black chromy balls" with all sorts, say pictures of the family (family tree) or money (money tree) where it would make an intresting addition to house and home. + Merry Xmas
Dmedia, Dec 16 2006


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