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Giant Dishwashing Competition

Large-scale competitive washing-up
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The apparatus is a white china plate, set at a 30-degree angle, 6 meters in diameter. The implement is a yellow sponge with green scrubby material on one side. Also on the field of play, just in front of the plate is a round tub, 1 meter deep and 1 meter across, filled with a mixture consisting of 9 parts water to 1 part dish-washing liquid.

Before each competitor’s turn, the plate is coated with a dried-on food. The exact food type is to be chosen by the judges based on the local cuisine.

The competitors go one at a time. When the clock starts the athlete grabs the sponge, dips it in the soapy water and goes to work on the plate. The clock stops when the judges determine that the plate is clean, and the time is recorded. The winner is the person with the lowest time.

AO, Feb 27 2004

I think [AO] already got to this one: http://www.nottingh...or/home/sky8lge.jpg
(I can see my face!) [k_sra, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Winner gets one of these: http://www.fun-inc....ge-1/SoftServe2.jpg
[k_sra, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       They should make this a ride at Disneyworld. ++
k_sra, Feb 27 2004

       i smell a new Olympics event ;)
cardeguy, Feb 28 2004

       AO at last, a stupid idea from you!fishy, men don't wash up...
po, Feb 28 2004

       9pi square metres of China plate?   

       Yeesh, I hope this competition doesn't come with a "You break it, you buy it!" clause...
WordUp, Feb 29 2004

       It's obviously not bone china.
FarmerJohn, Feb 29 2004

       this could be the Food Channels hot new show...
Space-Pope, Mar 01 2004

       Halfbake ideas to wash dishes faster. Combine Junkyard Wars and this idea here.   

       <mashing croissant button> *bzzzzz* - [+]
Letsbuildafort, Mar 01 2004

       Extra points should be awarded for being dry afterwards. What the points are for? No one knows...
Th3Lung, Mar 01 2004

       //this could be the Food Channels hot new show//   

       That’s a good observation [Space-Pope], for all the cooking they do on TV there’s surprisingly little washing up.
AO, Mar 02 2004

       Man I would LOSE this battle...
simonj, Jul 30 2004

       How about having the audience supply the dirty dishes? I'd show up if there were a chance some nice athlete would clean them for me.
phundug, Jul 30 2004

       I want to enter this competition so much, I think I will just have the competition with myself!
reclaimbozeman, Dec 13 2010


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