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Gift Bags

I know gift bags exist, but these are different.
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These are gift bags that are much like garbage bags, which are sometimes used to 'wrap' large, oddly-shaped presents or gifts.

The main difference with these is that they have designs, colors, patters, and images which are similar to what you would find on normal gift wrap or wrapping paper.

These 'Bags will be fairly strong and flexible, perhaps much like "GLAD ForceFlex®" garbage bags.

The designs will be painted onto the 'Bag's exterior surface using stretchable paint, like that which is used on balloons and many other products.

These can come in a couple of different sizes.

After these are "unwrapped", they can be used as garbage bags, and when the garbage men take them away, they can feel like they're getting a gift too!

BJS, Dec 26 2007

GLAD ForceFlex® http://www.glad.com...hbags/forceflex.php
garbage bags [BJS, Dec 26 2007]


       <pounces on typo>   

       “Let's sort the givers from the takers, and those who get me from the ones who don't. If you can't see a gift here, you're not shopping, you're shoplifting. You see these goods? Never seen daylight, moonlight, Israelites, Fanny by the gaslight. Take this bag, come on. I took one home last night - cost more than ten pound, I can tell you. You like jewellery? Look at this one. Hand-made in Italy, hand-stolen in Stepney. It's as long as my arm, wish it was as long as something else. Don't think 'cause this gift is wrapped it’s empty. Only the undertaker sells empty boxes, and by the look on your face I’d get more gratitude with a tape-measure.”
egbert, Dec 26 2007

       This would make a good TV commercial - first you see Santa Claus packing gifts into a bargain garbage sack and it breaks (spilling gifts out of the sleigh). Then an elf comes and offers Santa the new Glad ForceFlex(R) bags and Santa goes "Ho ho ho!" happily because the gifts can stretch the sack but it doesn't break.
phundug, Dec 26 2007

       Basically, yes. But they are also decorative.   

       If you really wanted to be expensive, you would use fabric.
BJS, Dec 26 2007

       Excellent idea, [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 26 2007


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