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Factory Wrapped Presents

Presents wrapped at the factory, ready to give
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Having packages gift wrapped in a store can be a time consuming process during the holiday season, as is doing it yourself. Pre-wrapped presents would save quite bit of time for the consumer by allowing them to avoid waiting in gift wrap lines or doing it themselves. Manufacturers could do this to add value to their product or increase the likelyhood of selection of their product over others as a gift by people on the go. All or a percentage of the gift products would be wrapped at the factory, just after they are placed into boxes. Normal product labelling would be printed on a second layer of paper and attached to the product in such a way that it could be easily removed. Products would still retain their UPC codes on the outside to prevent customers from switching labels of similarly sized products in order to defraud the store. The extra cost of wrapping a product would be very small at the point of manufacture and would possibly be recovered by increased sales. One possible downside to this idea is the increase in paper waste generated by this appraoch.
ftzdomino, Dec 09 2004


       Baked, so baked.....bah humbug.
normzone, Dec 09 2004


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