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Cling film wrapping paper
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In a rush? No good at wrapping? Then use this: ezWrap. Just buy this coloured cling film paper and wrap it up. It'll wrap anything.. The receiver still has the fun of ripping it open.

You get the idea?

eitsop, Aug 17 2006

it really is kind of baked, no matter what you use it for. http://www.mybrands...&s=R&ss=REYN&p=3141
[xandram, Aug 17 2006]


       How is this an original idea?
DrCurry, Aug 17 2006

       [eitsop] I think you should point out that you mean GIFT wrapping; the wrapping of presents, not of a piece of cheese. I'm for it.
jmvw, Aug 17 2006

       if you look at the category, you'll see its not for a lamb chop.
po, Aug 17 2006

       True. I didn't and I doubt DrCurry did.
jmvw, Aug 17 2006

       This saves what? The tape?
ldischler, Aug 17 2006

       The work. Wrapping presents well is hard.
jutta, Aug 17 2006

       There are always black plastic bags, if you're that wrapping-challenged.   

       I personally favor the Kate's Paperie/l'Occitane approach (ridiculously complicated wrapping schemes with lots of accessories).
DrCurry, Aug 17 2006

       [xandrum] I dont think it baked if it come all decorated like wrapping paper it actually not a horrible Idea, but I think it would end up looking kind of tacky(this coming from a guy who wrapped his xmas presents in black plastic trash bags once)
jhomrighaus, Aug 17 2006

       I'd be quite content if you gave me a lamb chop [po]. Just saying.
methinksnot, Aug 18 2006

       It would be nearly impossible to get the stuff off the package. The thing about wrapping paper is it's only taped in places, leaving pockets of air for unwrapper to dig their fingers into.
jellydoughnut, Aug 18 2006

       do you want gravy with that, snotty?   

       oh dear, that sounds dreadfuk...
po, Aug 18 2006

       [jhom] well the idea didn't mention *decorated*- just colors. I don't care for plastic wrap as one can wrap presents with the colored comic section of the newspaper, or the stock report for the business types. I happen to use wallpaper because I work at a place that makes it.
xandram, Aug 18 2006

       //This saves what? The tape?//
//The work. Wrapping presents well is hard.//
I agree that it's hard, but cling wrap? I've never been able to wrap anything with that without unsightly wrinkles.
ldischler, Aug 18 2006


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