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It's a Wrap

use the tube, or lose the tube
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apologies for the small scale of this one..

I've just finished wrapping some christmas presents ([jonthegeologist] and [hazel], fear not, it's safe for you to read on), and I'm left with a paltry cardboard tube which is too thin to be useful, but too thick for me to want to discard it without further thought.

I hearby propose that the tubes be made a bit thicker so they are in fact mailing tubes.. if it happens that you don't need one at the moment, you can either give it to a friend, or return it to the place your bought the paper from for a 25c deposit return.

P.S. obviously I'd rather social convention was that presents were dispatched au naturale, but I accept I'm at odds with the general populus on this one.
neilp, Dec 14 2004

Wandsworth's Work & Play - scrap project. http://www.london21...e%20and%20Recycling
recycle scrap paper, card, material etc for local groups and schools etc [po, Dec 14 2004]


       also works for aluminium foil and cling wrap stuff.
neilp, Dec 14 2004

       oh, good time to link to wandsworth's scrap project.
po, Dec 14 2004

       nice one [po], obviously that's the other option, I'd rather give them an actual first purpose before we trash them.
neilp, Dec 14 2004

       is there a minimum size limit on mailing tubes? i guess they have to be sturdy enough to withstand knocking about inside mail bags - but what would stop you from rolling up a letter and sticking it in a drinking straw and it arriving at its destination? the stamp i suppose.
benfrost, Dec 14 2004

       [benfrost] that sounds like an excellent experiment. The postal authorities are always keen for a challenge.
neilp, Dec 14 2004

       Great idea.   

       You could print on the tube places to stick the stamps -- write the address etc.   

       Even better .. pay an extra 80p when you buy the wrapping paper .. and in the middle of it you'll find a fully pre-paid cardboard tube waiting for use ... easy recycling ..
britboy, Dec 15 2004


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