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Give dollar coins in change machines

Improve the popularity of the as-yet unsuccessful coin
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If I am in the position of using a bill changer when the smallest item in my wallet is a $5 (or worse, a $10 or $20), it is rather annoying to have to carry around twenty (or 40, or 80) quarters.

I have noticed that a number of vending machines have been adapted to accept the dollar coins, but I have never see a bill-changer dispense them. If I could put in a $5 note and gotten back four quarters and four dollar coins (with the ability to insert any/all of those dollar coins if needed) that would have saved considerably on the amount of metal in my pocket.

IMHO, the failure of machines to give out dollar coins is the biggest reason for those coins' lack of success.

supercat, Feb 03 2002

Gold Dollar http://denver.bizjo...2/08/26/story2.html
All about how much Americans love new improved big thick coins. [Amos Kito, Sep 30 2002, last modified Feb 21 2005]


       Baked in other parts of the world. I used to maintain one myself at my old job. It would dispense 1000-1500 dollar coins a day.
Helium, Feb 03 2002

       Carrying around any dollar coins is a pain. One of the machines here at work gives them in change. Unfortunately, nothing else TAKES them, so you're stuck anyway. It's easier to carry a number of paper bills than a bunch of coins.
StarChaser, Feb 03 2002

       My 2nd choice of a Car Wash does this - thars gold in them thar tills
thumbwax, Feb 04 2002

       Presume you're talking about the US dollar coin? This is baked in Canada (where there is nothing other than a dollar coin) and many other countries.
waugsqueke, Feb 04 2002

       Our local light rail system's ticket vending machines return change in dollar coins. It's the only place in town you get them. A near majority of the population is unaware that those things aren't bus tokens.
lurch, Sep 30 2002

       //coins called loonies and toonies//   

       bob: Canada sounds like a lot of fun. We get the "Sacagawea" which is just a chore to say, as change in the Post Office stamp machine. I use them for tips in restaraunts, and I thought they were kinda cool for that purpose. But now that I've seen these annotations, it's more likely the waitresses consider it an insult.
Amos Kito, Sep 30 2002

       whats the point in a bill/note of such little value?
lau03205, Feb 21 2005


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