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Fun Fact Coins

Stamp interesting facts onto coins, like Snapple lids have
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n/a [2019-03-11]
notexactly, Mar 12 2019

Inspiration from [xenzag] Kepler's Coins of Motion
The bit that says "run some mathematical detail about each different planet's particular orbit along the respective coin's edge" [notexactly, Mar 12 2019]

Prior art from [FlyingToaster] that I saw immediately after posting this idea Cash-o-pedia
The difference is that those are everyday-useful facts, whereas these are fun facts [notexactly, Mar 12 2019]


       <slightly off topic> coins are doomed are they not? I wonder if the homeless or the Big Issue sellers will have to have card readers in the future?
po, Mar 18 2019

       You mean they don't already? I've just been tapping homeless people on the head with my iPhone as I walk past.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 18 2019

       Snapple lids ... is that a fact?
reensure, Mar 18 2019

       I've thought about this [po], and concluded that they could have crowdfunding pages pointed to either with a printed out QR code or with the URL written on a piece of cardboard.
nineteenthly, Mar 18 2019

       The print would have to be so tiny that people would be using their cell phone camera zooms and still squinting, thus paying even less attention and increasing their chances of getting hit by motorists. [+]
whatrock, Mar 18 2019


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