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Don't give ALL your bus fare/beer/kebab money away
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Happy to donate money to the homeless in the street? Of course you are! But how embarassing is it when you pull out a handful of coins full of high denominations when in reality you can only afford to give some small change? Well, those days are over with 'Guilt-Gone'.

These small metallic tips fit over two of your fingers and are made of a substance that will only attract the 'small change' in your pocket. Therefore leaving the biggies at the bottom of the pocket and stopping you mumbling your apologies/lying to homeless person (who, incidently, can see straight thru your pathetic lies), enabling you to give yourself a slap on the back and a warm feeling inside (courtesy of the aforemetioned kebab).

May God have mercy on your souls.

love of carnage, Oct 04 2001


       ...and what cunning magic would make it attract only low-denomination coins?
hippo, Oct 04 2001

       hey swivel6, i do donate food/money but not all the time (only recently got a job myself after many years in the wilderness). it WAS a slightly light-hearted solution to a serious issue, buddy!   

       hippo, i know, i know - i love your 'cunning magic'. any metallurgists (?) out there?
love of carnage, Oct 04 2001

       UnaBubba, (((((((((((((wwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooowwwwwww wwww!)))))))))))))))   

       great special effects, mate!
love of carnage, Oct 04 2001

       You could get the bum to earn his money, like carry you around or somthing, then you wouldnt need to catch the bus.
Gulherme, Apr 06 2004

       Alternatively, you could just do what I do - put your large change in the pocket on one side of your coat, put your coppers and an occasional 10p in the pocket on the other side. Then just dig in without worry into the charity pocket when necessary.
iivix, Apr 06 2004


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