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Hey Buddy Can You Spare A Wallie?

coin funded wall
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Donald Trump is having a bit of trouble raising the 5 billion dollars he needs to build his wall. The Mexicans are laughing all the way in the opposite direction to the bank, and so Americans will have to pay for the wall out of their own pockets.

There is a way to make this much easier and less humiliating. All that's required is for the American Mint to produce a totally new coin, to be called Wallies, given their singular additional purpose.

Wallies are worth 50 cents each. They have a few unique features: they are oblong shaped (to provide extra text space) and they can be dropped into any mail box to be Freeposted to The Whitehouse address that's printed on them.

Donation of Wallies is in order to pay for Donald Trump's nice new wall. Obviously this will require quite a few of the coins to be minted then posted (10 billion), but what a great way for Americans to confirm their new found greatness, and totally democratise paying for the wall they want so much, without grovelling cap in hand to Mexico.

xenzag, Dec 26 2018


       That's quite impressive, it sneaked past my browser's Trump blocker..   

       Shouldn't the coins interlock,to make up the wall? Could just hand the problem to Lego.
not_morrison_rm, Dec 26 2018

       This could be like the March of Dimes ... or maybe the March of the Penguins ... or April in Paris ...
8th of 7, Dec 26 2018

       I doubt if you'd be able to stack penguins very high.   

       How much would the postage cost to send a half- dollar through the mail?
RayfordSteele, Dec 28 2018


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