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Glove-box fridge

Save energy - don't open the door ...
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Whenever a fridge door is opened, cold air flows out and warm air flows in; the more often the door is opened, the more heat has to be pumped out again.

Why not have a fridge (or freezer for that matter) built like a glovebox ? Anyone who's ever handled biohazard materials, dangerous chemicals or nuclides will be familar with these; a double walled enclosure with a pair of thick flexible gloves protruding through.

Add a small "airlock" hatch and items can be passed into or out of the enclosure with the minimum exchange of outside air, thus reducing the requirement for cooling.

8th of 7, Dec 03 2007

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       Just as long as you don't spill the milk.
placid_turmoil, Dec 03 2007

       I just cleaned out our fridge. I'm always amazed at the bio-hazardous things that grow in the cold and dark. Anything that makes handling it a bit safer gets an automatic bun.
DenholmRicshaw, Dec 03 2007

       Baked I'm afraid, my cousin has one (it also dispenses ice and 2 chilled drinks). The result is that almost every item in the fridge is crammed into the easy access area.
marklar, Dec 04 2007

       My glovebox gets chilled when the Aircon is active - does that count?
gnomethang, Dec 04 2007

       Ohhhh.. Okay.. I thought this was an idea to make you car's glove-box into a fridge. This is much more complicated, almost over-complicated; BUN
evilpenguin, Dec 05 2007


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