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Hide Kitchen

Select kitchen items to be in sight
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Select one or more options:cabinets, table and chairs, center island, refrigerator, stove, or countertops and sink. Whatever is selected either mechanical lowers from hidden compartments in the ceiling or is raised from compartments in the floor. If you don’t need the item, they will be hidden from sight. Floor tile configuration neatly hides the doors that open. A warning light and buzzer sounds to alert users from walking on the floor while the configuration is set up. Benefits include no messy countertops in sight, possible dancefloor space when clear of counters, and empty space for a clear mind. Disco ball optional and possible.
simple123, Apr 22 2004


       sorry why? are you selling your home? you need to bake bread and brew coffee! it helps we are told.
po, Apr 22 2004

       oh its a wibni? I'll get my coat!
po, Apr 22 2004

       Preheated, "Stars In My Pocket, Like Grains Of Sand", Samuel R. Delaney, 1984.   

       An entire banquet hall of cooking devices that pop out of the floor and drop from the ceiling. Large parties are held there, with everyone knowing the appropriate place to stand to avoid injury.   

       On occasion, assassinations have occurred by deliberately providing someone the wrong coordinates to stand at.
normzone, Apr 22 2004

       You need a crawl space in the basement to collect all the toes (fingers if little kids are in the house) that are cut off during moves. Overall it is a good idea. Added benefit is that you never have to balance on the counters anymore to clean the sticky grease off the top of cabinets. Just let it all down and wipe the floor.
kbecker, Apr 22 2004

       It appears that my kitchen used to have a table and bench that would fold out of the wall. Remodels in the past removed the table, and the bench can't fold out due to the invention of the refrigerator which now blocks it's path. However, it looks like it was a very efficient and clever design.
Worldgineer, Jun 02 2004


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