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Gloves for finger painting

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I’m sure these exist but every search phrase I can come up with returns products of a completely different sort.

Disposable plastic gloves with each finger tip having a different texture - either molded into the plastic directly or by bonding a paper pad or other absorbent material to the tip. At least one of the fingertips could incorporate a tiny brush or comb-like form. Would allow precise control over placement of pigments on flat or 3d shapes. When a project is done you could peel the glove(s) off inside out for disposal, no mess to clean up.

a1, Sep 25 2022

These but with specialized fingertips https://www.zoro.co...-92-675/i/G0058791/
[a1, Sep 25 2022]

Or variations of this, built into gloves https://shop.kemper...ngertip-paint-brush
[a1, Sep 25 2022]

Like this? https://www.google....mgrc=3bYxmkwhmQ04AM
[21 Quest, Sep 30 2022]


       Why limit it to the fingers? Cover the whole body in random surfaces for more variety and fun. Paint with your elbows, cheeks, butt...
RayfordSteele, Sep 25 2022

       // cover the whole body //   

       Maybe for larger projects. This was intended for small pieces only.
a1, Sep 25 2022

       Renoir claimed that he painted with his penis, but I suspect that when no- one was looking he used a brush.
pertinax, Sep 25 2022

       [Invoke 13-year-old humor subroutine]   

       //small pieces...// heh... heh...   

       Is that a roller in your pocket or...
RayfordSteele, Sep 27 2022

       I think the stretchy, tightly-fitting gloves are made by dipping a form into a vat of liquid, then allowing it to dry or set to produce the shaped membrane.
To create the fingertip textures, I can see four options:

       1) Add textures to the moulding form
2) Apply additional pre-prepared (solid) textured pieces to the fingertips before they set.
3) Apply additional texture to the fingertips before they set, by moulding (stamping), wiping, or adding additional liquid or semi-liquid material.
4) glue additional pre-prepared (solid) textured pieces to the fingertips after setting.

       Option one looks naively easiest, but I suspect it would both give inferior or limited texturing, and make demoulding much harder.   

       Options two and four are basically the same concept, just at different points in the process (maybe one or the other works depending on the glove material).   

       I think option 3 might have some scope - you could prepare gloves as standard then re-dip just the fingertips to apply the texture to.
Loris, Sep 27 2022

       Rayford's idea for an upgrade, then maybe.
blissmiss, Sep 29 2022

       If I took Rayford's approach (or Renoir's), I'd need a bigger canvas.
a1, Sep 29 2022

       Nice. hmmmmmm I'm wondering if a calligraphy tip glove might not be an obvious extension... if you'll excuse the pun.   

       Somebody else google for "textured condoms" to post a link, so that I don't have to, please.
pocmloc, Sep 30 2022

       + good ‘un
xandram, Sep 30 2022


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