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Hangered Clothes Cleaning (Washing) Machine

Washing machine that works with clothes hanging on hangers
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Something like a drywash, dishwasher or car washer, the clothes go through a cycle of washing and drying so the clothes are already hanging!

In an industrial environment this would mean no folding. People bring in their clothes in a box already hanging. The clothes enter the machine, and are washed and dried automatically one by one.

In, pay, wash, out...

That's it.

A special small closet could be used for underwear.

The drying could be done using the air from the air-conditioner (to save energy), or microwave.

I could see vending machines for a ONE SHIRT CLEAN, and it comes out cleaned and ironed! Put one at the entrance to every "Pay Shower" at the mall, and after a hot day, with the kids yelling and all, you get a clean set of clothes, and possibly a clean set of kids.

pashute, Sep 30 2002

Ironing Wardrobe http://www.halfbake.../Ironing_20Wardrobe
Companion appliance. Semi-baked. [Wes, Sep 30 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Washing wardrobe washing_20wardrobe
seems someone thought of it. Why have we never met before? [pashute, Jan 28 2009]

And now its commercial!!! http://www.askousa....ry/drying_cabinets/
[pashute, Dec 05 2013]

Integrate air condi...r and clothes dryer Bungston's idea 9 years later [pashute, Dec 05 2013]

Maybe NOW it's commercial?? https://helloeffie.com/
[pashute, Jan 06 2021]


       This would be great if it came in a compact home version.
baron555, Sep 30 2002

       I have the ironing companion appliance in the oven. [See link].
Wes, Sep 30 2002

       > Why do you need this?   

       Because it would make the laundromat much cheaper and faster.   

       It would make the home clothes cleaning process much faster and easier.
pashute, Oct 01 2002

       Fixed (it said hangared instead of hangered).   

       I don't know why you doubt it, I asked a laundromat, and several people, and they all say it's a great idea. No more folding clothes.
pashute, Oct 02 2002

       I had this same idea in my head for a while. It's crazy that we still have to wash clothes in the 21st century. Why can't I just put them back in my closet and take them out the next day perfectly clean. This machine would also dramatically reduce the amount of clothes I need to own. Maybe that's why this doesn't exist already. Do I smell a conspiracy? ...or is it this shirt I've been wearing for 3 days?
bneal27, Mar 17 2008

       C Link. So, here's a halfbaked idea, half baked 10 years after conception. Let's bake the other half! Can't any of us do it? (Maybe together?)
pashute, Dec 05 2013


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