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Gnutella Chan

Image board Gnutella hack?
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Continuation of one of my "Decentralized Image board" Idea


What do you think about the viability of using Gnutella, as a way to create a distributed image board system?

This can potentially work by making all image board post as a shareable file "Gnuchan- postsubjectname.xml", with the image for each post as a magnet or html link.

Any subsequent reply to this post is tagged "Gnuchan- postsubjectname - secondpostsubjectname.xml", and sorted by date posted (Included within the file).

A program (plug in?) would automatically search and retrieve any files under "Gnuchan-****.xml" and download, before sorting it out and presenting to the reader in real time.

This method would create a distributed version of site such as 4chan, but on a wider scale and true p2p way.

Obviously this would be a quick and dirty piggyback hack on Gnutella, but i think making this would inspire others to make a better version.

What do you think? Possible?

mofosyne, Sep 15 2007

Decentralised Image board Decentralised_20Image_20board
- An open letter to the Public [mofosyne, Sep 15 2007]

Image board Gnutella hack? http://www.gnutella.com/forums/dev/1453
http://www.gnutella.com/forums/dev/1453 [mofosyne, Sep 15 2007]

Image Chan http://www.jackiech...JC_Stunt_mishap.jpg
[normzone, Sep 15 2007]

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       Software that does it's own stunts?
normzone, Sep 15 2007

       Yup, you can even say that it teaches Gnutella new tricks.   

       Or rather, it an reference to the website 4chan.com. Whatever you do, do not go to 4chan. Its like the dark back alley of the internet.
mofosyne, Sep 16 2007

       Chocolate spread making friends in Japan?
daseva, Sep 17 2007


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