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Go Kart Golf

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Now, part of the appeal of golf is the golf carts, right? And the really boring part is waiting.

I have a cunning plan!

At the beginning of the hole, all the golfers in the party may begin taking their swing, or preparing to, at the signal. They hit the ball, then they go jump in their Golf Go-Kart and race down the golf track (not path, we need some room to maneuver) to their ball, jump out and go hit it again.

One might think this would result in a mad frenzy of racing about, hitting of balls (some games I've witnessed are like this anyway) and so on, and it does--but only the the Blitz version, where your score is discounted and the only thing that matters is getting your ball in the hole first.

In the standard version, your score definitely matters. Granted, being first to put your ball in lowers your score (which is a good thing in golf, remember), but it might not be worth it.

On the next hole, start times for each player are staggered according to score (or place if you're playing Blitz), just like a car's place in a race is determined by its performance in previous races.

Putting procedure is the same. The truly zealous putter may substitute a miniature billiard ball for their golf ball and fight to be the first in the hole. In this "Billiards Blitz" variant, number of putts matters not, only who's in first. Then everybody races to the next green to putt again.

Eugene, Mar 29 2004

Xtreme Golf Rules http://www.extremeg...m/manual.html#Rules
these can be adapted I think. [Eugene, Oct 04 2004]


       Nice idea, Extreme Shotgun Start. Please don't play it on a course near me!. +
gnomethang, Mar 29 2004

       Anything to make golf more interesting is a good thing.
simonj, Mar 29 2004

       This should be in the "golf- combination" category, plus it's very similar to rally-golf
SystemAdmin, Mar 29 2004

       Yeah. Interesting in that I'm kinda part of that demographic.   

       I live in North Carolina, anyway.
Eugene, Mar 30 2004


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