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Cubicle Golf

Game for a slow day at the office
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Put a paper cup somewhere in your cubicle. Then, sit at your chair and shoot a rubber band off your computer screen, trying to land the rubber band in the cup.

If you come within say, 12 inches, you move the cup to within 12 inches of your monitor and try to bounce the rubber band off the screen and into the cup again.

Repeat process until you sink your putt and score like golf.

seal, Jan 23 2002


       Oh, kind of like whack-a-mole?
waugsqueke, Jan 23 2002

       Peter, you're probably correct about all the variations of this being done in the workplace. However this game can be played much more inconspicuously.   

       Even a hidden camera might not pick up what you're really doing as you occasionally move your cup.   

       I'm still working trying to figure out better rules, though.
seal, Jan 23 2002

       Blissmiss, it should go without saying that any input you have would be most welcome.   

       Isn't that what this place is all about? ;)
seal, Jan 23 2002

       So it's okay to basically use the HB as a chat room on the one hand while expressing sympathy for Jutta getting overloaded on the other?
entremanure, Jan 24 2002

       Work at the office. Browse the b/2. THEN if you have time left to kill - this is the way to do it. Somehow I feel there can't be many takers.
neelandan, Jan 24 2002

       Could you get a giant windmill in the cubicle?
beauxeault, Jan 24 2002

       Maybe it's just me, but this game sounds more boring than actually working.
mrthingy, Jan 24 2002

       With this system, I suppose you could use little pieces of paper of eraser bits. Pretty sweet idea, the ultimate time-passer for the bored worker. Oh, crap! Here comes the boss! Dammit, lemme sink this putt to make par...YES!!! What...No, sir, it's Cubicle Golf...but it won the IBM Open!...I'm fired? Awww...
HomerX, Oct 01 2002


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