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golf - contact sport

Golf as a contact sport
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I was on the golf course yesterday with some friends before we went to play paintball. Wisely I happened to have my gun in my backpack, (which also had cigs and beer, I don't normally carry on the golf course).

We had to groups of 4 and had to separate for time constraints.... Someone thought it would be smart to hit a ball backwards, luckily it missed us but hit my back pack which was open and spilled a beer, all over my paintball gun. Hmmm... so I snuck around in the golf cart about a hole up and waited for the tee-off of the group ahead of us.. right when the person that shot us had started his back swing, I nailed him square in the chest, they happened to have a gun also, so we started a scramble game, two players hunting and two golfing per team. RULES: a. No face shots... b. must have club in hand to be hit c. any swings completed while being hit count, no mulligans.

the start of something big?

paisley, Jun 26 2000


       There is definitely something to this. This could be interesting.
maabbott88, Mar 07 2004

       there'd have to be some way of defending, though; otherwise, what's to stop you from being hit every shot? maybe, if the hunters are hit, they can't hit the other team for the rest of the hole?
polarb, Jul 28 2004


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