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Between 2002-2010 I posted under an alias that was erased due to a time travel mishap. This is the original account.

Update. 2017 Changed my name to Richie Banks I own a smart house and plan to buy a hoverboard when prices go down.

[Sep 05 2001, last modified Jul 30 2017]

(+5) Aerosolized champagne
(+3) Affirmative action in basketball
 affirmative action in game shows
(+6) Alexa who farted?
(-3) All white news reporters wear burqas overseas.
(+1, -3) anonymous browsing with user end accounting
(+14, -2)(+14, -2) anyone but______ voting option.
(+1) Automated signals and horns
(+11)(+11) Bagel Plates
 Ball Ironer
(+9)(+9) bathsuit
 Big Ding Dong
 Browser based link redirect
(+4) Buffet contingency stock option
(+8)(+8) calorie codes
(+2) Canada Constitution Day
(+2) Celebrity Egg Bank
 Chris Pratfall
 clam backed dollar
(+1) Conception Insurance
 content documentation though video
(+4) cooking sunglasses
 Dating hack
(+2) Decoy Heart
 Delayed program startup at login
(+2) Dim Mak reversal device
 Dog Poop Gutters
 Dragon Trap
(-1) dream catcher alarm
(+2) eau de frack
 edible toilet paper
 eviction locks
(+3) fake bird poo spray
(+1) Fatberg Heaters
 feline missile defence
(+3) fingerpads
(+12)(+12) fingerprint obfuscation
 foot tools
(+2) Friendzone Banana Co.
(+3) fungal recognition
(-1) Get the flash a bicycle
(+3) give a needle take a needle
(+2) Godzilla trap
(+4) gun tweets
(+4, -2) Half tickets to the Opera
(+3, -1) hide or consolidate highlights function
(+4) high diver bum plugs
(+4) home blood removal
(+6) How to Seize Friends and Mentally Conquer People.
(+2, -1) Illicit porn blocker
(+6) Industrial Espionage Scheme
 Internet of Tings
 inverse etf of market losers
(+1) ipod queue mode
(+2) Just Ladies Barbershop
(+4) kit that turns shopping cart into electric car.
(+1) laser for your thingie
(+1) lazer guided anti-feline radar
 Legal Name Suggester.
(+8, -1) Location as a factor in authentication
(+1) Long turkey baster
(+2) make place names signs readable from space
 make popcorn in the clothes dryer
(+1) medium strength velcro
 mobile boudoir photography
(+2) Muffin Holes
(+1) Muntlinational Nooscope
(+1) neuroblockers
 new currency
(+2) new means of annoyance
 nuisance rate
(-1) OCR Calculator
(+2) phone simulator
(+6, -2) pimpmydog.com
 privacy enhancing camera shutter.
(+3) private sex booths
 rectal analizer
(+3) regularly scheduled earthquakes
 reincarnation via instalment plan
(+2, -1) Remidial immigration
(+6) remote control houseboat
 Remote Control Shaks
(-1) report bad parking app
(+3, -1) Robot boomerang thrower
 Seebeck regenerative car charger.
 Sell Ice to Walruses
 Semen doping
(+3) Sexual injury insurance
 Sharks with Spearguns.
(+3) shock sensor for headgear
 shoes with automatic cushioning
 Snakes on a speeding bus.
(+6) Soft Nuts
(+2) Spamspeak
(+1) spazz insurance
(+1) spite aid
(+1) split region settings for google search
(+7, -1) Stump Restore
(+5) survival kit in a bottle
(+1) tax rebates for random acts of kindness.
(+3) Uber style Spermbank
(+5, -3) use caution
(+2) Use eye tracking to induce hallucinations
(+2) vagina filter for pregnancy videos
 Virtual therapist
(+2, -1) Vision Reducing Contact Lenses
(+1) watch based lube dispenser
(-2) Ways to ensure supercomputers dont take over
(+4) world wrestling belt with hidden fanny pack.
 Zoologist operating in a security advisory role

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