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Golf Ball Hitting

Varying level driving range greens
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I love to go to the driving range but I find it to be useless when trying to practice any shot but one that sits on perfect fairway with no hills or divots. I just hit ball after ball off the perfectly even astroturf. Sure it helps my swing but when I get out there on the course I'm always hitting off uphill lies or downhill lies or much higher grass then I find at the driving range. So what can be done about this? I propose an adjustable surface astroturf hitting surface at driving ranges. It can be build on water bags or something that adjust the normally level surface to either an uphill or downhill lie. It also has the option of adjustable 'grass' lenth. You can spin the heighth dial to hit off fairway length grass or any height grass all the way up to 4 inches tall. The astroturf can take a beating and keep on going. Pretty simple idea if someone has the resources to put it in place.
tommyedison, Apr 06 2004


       Not a bad idea although water bags might be a bit unstable. Cheaper than a playing lesson with the pro.
gnomethang, Apr 06 2004

       Can we add inflatable friends that ridicule my pervasive slice?
eyeguy, Apr 06 2004

       Instead of adjustable driving ranges I propose 12inch spiked shoes, so you can always stand perpendicular to the ground
miasere, Apr 06 2004

       I think the spiked shoes would be awesome! Anything to help my handicap!
tommyedison, Apr 06 2004


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