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Golf With Altitude

Golf above the world.
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Okay so say we build my half-football-field sized solar parafoil parachutes with their passive solar jets which, when fighting one another in a circle, can store enough solar energy to stay indefinitely suspended once launched keeping a platform permanently aloft by being anchored between them.

<I'm just going to let that sentence sink in for a sec while I take a swig of my beer>

The ultra-rich could now golf above the heads of us lowly heathens in style.

Stray balls causing death below cost a stroke.


       Read as "Attitude". I like that better. The players tend to be a little bland. If anyone tosses their club it's on the news for a week. Hot news, golfer shows emotion. hahaha
blissmiss, Sep 10 2020

       I once visited a bocce ball court on the rooftop deck of a 40 story apartment building in San Francisco. It seemed a bit foolish to locate such a game at such an elevation but the management claimed they were fully insured and had not had any incidents.
sninctown, Sep 10 2020

       Sp. "had not had any incidents that anyone else has found out about ..."
8th of 7, Sep 10 2020


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