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Golf Lundgren

Grind golf, pour on pulse-pounding adrenaline
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An interactive battlefield-themed golf course, consisting of overlapping courses so play is similar to Chinese checkers. Instead of golf carts, you drive Dolph Carts, which are essentially miniature tanks, Hummers, and Jeeps with varying turret mounted paintball weaponry, armor and speed, and you play against other golfers in a competition to see who can play through first. Shooting at the competition is, of course, permitted. Stealing or moving your opponents' balls is prohibited, however there's no rule against a cleverly-dropped pile of leaves or grass to conceal it... so you better keep your eye on the ball.

There's also no rule saying you can't park your Dolphcart over a hole, lock the doors, and let the air of the tires and proceed on foot, but then you risk being overtaken by vengeful enemies who discovered their tank has enough power to push your Jeep out of the way, and that it is also significantly faster than you can walk.

Sand traps are booby trapped with landmine blanks (patented by 21st Century Quest Engineering). Instead of water traps, you must negotiate a path through barbed-wire lined trenches. At the green, you must manage your putts while ducking fire from paintball machine gun nests, perhaps while your caddy lays down a blanket of suppressive fire from your Dolphcart.

21 Quest, Oct 24 2010

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Prior Art. Still like the idea though. [8th of 7, Oct 24 2010]

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Just for [marklar]... and everyone else. [Jinbish, Oct 25 2010]


       Shirley the golf ball should be impelled on it's merry way not by hitting it with a bat, but by shooting it out of the turret gun nozzle? And to save having to go and retrieve the ball, the gun should be semi-automatic, and there should be a magazine full of balls. I.e. you roll up to the green in your tank, and blast half a magazine full of golf balls at the hole. Your score depends on how many get into the hole.

       Other players might prefer the special forces approach, dressing in camoflage and sneaking through the rough unobserved before lobbing a couple of balls in at close range from behind some useful cover.
pocmloc, Oct 24 2010

8th of 7, Oct 24 2010

       I bunned that idea when you posted it, 8th, and would bun it again if I had the chance, but it is not the same idea as mine in any way. It doesn't involve actively competing against other players, being shot at by paintball guns, crawling over barbed wire to get your ball out of a ditch, or risking entry into a mined sandtrap. It also makes no mention of Dolphcarts, an important feature of this idea.
21 Quest, Oct 24 2010

       // I bummed that idea //

       We hope, we REALLY hope, that that's either a typo, or a "Transatlantic Mistranslation".

       Otherwise, we're going to have to kill you.

       Nothing personal, you understand ...
8th of 7, Oct 24 2010

       Whoa, that came out in an unintended manner. Yes, it was a typo.

       I can't wait to see the look on Tiger's face when he finds himself inadvertently thrust into Stallone Ranger mode, wherein the other teams unite in their efforts to make him fail.
21 Quest, Oct 24 2010

       [21 Quest] I picture Tiger being duped by a Bugs Bunnyesque ruse involving make-up, grapefruit and high heels.
marklar, Oct 25 2010

       Like it, but I'd like it even more if there were some kind of mortar-style delivery mechanism - it doesn't need to be explosive either (though that does help) Plus, requiring the same (or similar) level of outlay equipment-wise in order to outfit the prospective novice for their first game.
zen_tom, Oct 25 2010


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