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Divotable driving range matts.

Use ground organic mix to make a good hitting surface.
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Use light weight organic agriculture waste, ground gyn trash, ground peanut hulls etc. to make a substitue for driving matts at driving ranges, to be able to take a real divot. It could be dyed green. If cheap enough it could be used up around the greens during winter for northern courses or to temporarily cover and bad spot on a course. Naturtally bio degradable. (PS I was hitting in a recently harvested soy bean field off the trash left by the harvestor and it was really nice.)
Imathinker, Jul 05 2004


       [+] Very interesting. But you'll need to build in some form of adherance between the particles, or the experience would be more akin to bunker practice than an approach shot. I can also see a mechanical device similar to a litter tray cleaner 'smoothing' out the mix for the next shot.
lcllam2, Jul 05 2004


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