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Gut Gut Golf

Learn anatomy the fun way
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Miniature golf courses shaped like body parts and organs.
DesertFox, Jun 07 2004


       baked : dog leg :o)
etherman, Jun 07 2004

       I just run out at 8, [scout]; care to enlighten??
gnomethang, Jun 07 2004

       belly button make ten or doesn't it count?
po, Jun 07 2004

       TY [po] - that will give me nine but I suspect that it is 'normally closed'!
gnomethang, Jun 07 2004

       Ahhhh. Gutt Gutt Golf. It took a few minutes to get your title.   

       Really, I expected to see more anatomy-related annotations from this gem of an idea.
booleanfool, Jun 07 2004

       [gnomethang] The Ladies' Course would be a ten-hole, unless my years in the ob/gyn lab have been completely wasted!! (piercings and fistulas not included)
ConsulFlaminicus, Jun 08 2004

       i dont think it just has to be body aperatures. lung, kidney and eyeball holes would be cool too.
etherman, Jun 08 2004

       hello guys. //body parts and organs// not holes.
etherman, Jun 08 2004

       This is original and creative. It could also be very educational if done correctly. Imagine hitting your little white blood cell around this course. +
sartep, Jun 18 2004

       But Mooo-OOOM! I don't want the HIV ball!   

shapu, Jun 18 2004

       ball = eyeball, and the holes are realistic looking faces sans eyes.
phundug, Jun 18 2004


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