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Golf bolt-dodger

The foul-weather golfer's must-have accessory!
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A nasty hook displeases the Almighty, and a lightning bolt makes for your feverishly clutched three iron. Usually a fatal situation, but no longer! A small cart attached to your golf bag trails some 5 metres behind you as you walk the course. Attached to this is a 4 metre high copper stick. Bolt conducted safely to the ground, deity outraged, recovery shot from the rough very much on. Pack includes two spare rods in case of excessive melting mid-round.
Nadir, Mar 02 2001

Cone of Safety http://www.madsci.o...915468255.Es.r.html
How the effect works, or not. [oneoffdave, Dec 22 2004]


       If it's only 5 meters behind you, you might get fried anyway. I agree with [Tabs] about golfers. [-]
Nitehawk, Mar 24 2004

       Would it be a no-no not to replace the fulgerite divot?   

       A 4 metre high lightning *attractor* without an earth?
- for that, but + for counterbalance to the anti-golfer comments.
Ling, Dec 22 2004

       There is an effect called the Cone of Safety that means a lightning conductor of height h may provide protection in a circle of diameter 2h around it but it's not perfect. See [link] for more.
oneoffdave, Dec 22 2004

       Use a 1 Iron instead: not even God can hit a 1 Iron.
Ling, Dec 22 2004


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