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Google (et al) Copyrighted

Allows wikipedia to show images without official Copyright permission
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[Edited again: with watermark] [Edited. Sorry sorry. didn't see the mistakes]

Just like googling (or searching with any other engine) for an image shows you a number of images, so Google Copyright will show a single image with its source clearly noted, as the result of a search. That way we can have wikipedia (for example) have the permission to show images, which are currently one click away (in the search tab of your browser) but on the page show as an empty sillhouette.

Random example: (I searched for a famous name and then went through namesakes till I found this) Marvin Herzog (see link)

At worst, it could have a watermark on the image, giving copyright info.

pashute, Oct 08 2010

Spellcheck for sillhouette http://www.google.c...Aw&biw=1280&bih=638
when chrome spellcheck stops working... [pashute, Oct 08 2010]

Marvin Herzog on Wikipedia (no image) http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Marvin_Herzog
Try googling for his image. I like the first one with the accordion and funny yarmulka. [pashute, Oct 25 2010]


       Is this about that stupid FBI thing or are you talking about showing something like the famous Tienanmen Square image in Wikipedia? If it's the later, isn't this scraping? The reason media owners want to discourage scraping is that it allows you to see the media without seeing the ads that finance the media creation. I don't know how Google gets around this, but if I was a Photographer, I wouldn't want people to be able to Google my images without at least going to my page.
MisterQED, Oct 08 2010

       Do you mean "copyright", or do you mean to invent something new?   

       Is this about showing an image, or about showing an empty silhouette?
jutta, Oct 08 2010

       Does this idea make sense to you, [pashute]? If so, you may be unique.
infidel, Oct 10 2010

       So, it's a sort of ranty thing?
infidel, Oct 10 2010

       Nope not a rant. I meant Copyright.   

       Its a way to allow websites on the web to show an image on another site, without infringing on the other site's rights or the image owner's rights. If you can see the image in google search, without paying money to "buy the book", why not see it anywhere else, without specifically pressing the other button.   

       You (image owner) wont be loosing the rights since it will specifically be pointing to your site, and saying what the source of image is, and what your rights are.
pashute, Oct 25 2010


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