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Sightseeing Experience Sharing

New digital camera add-on and On-line service
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This is my first attempt to get at least a half croissant, so be gentle giving too rough comments...:-)

Thousand of peoples make almost identical digital snapshoots of same landmarks everyday. But each case is clearly different because of weather conditions, time of the day,technical capabilities of cameras and, most important, some individuals are more professional photographers than others.

I think of idea to allow people to get best memories with digital photography by allowing them easily share similar pictures. It is about Digital Camera-GPS hybrid and related on-line service.

A person makes snapshoots which are stored in the camera's memory marked with location-based data (location of camera, direction and possibly angle of shooting). Later pictures are uploaded to an on-line Internet service. Internet service checks its database for location data and suggests possible alternatives (it can filter most recent ones, highest rated, made at specific day of time, with specific resolution etc.) and make them available for download. Download can be provided for free or a fee (e.g. for highly professional high-resolution images).

In most extreme case a camera can be provided with some wireless connection (wifi or 3G like), so it would be possible to see alternatives instantly on a build-in screen.

On-line service also can be consumed even if a person is not yet a lucky owner of a such fantastic camera. In this case a person can use Internet service to browse world/country/city maps and see and download what other peoples are picturing (some sort of Google Earth integration). As database will be big enough it will be possible to create virtual sightseeing tours where person with use of 3d software drifts along a route through, for example, a city and see all landmarks as digital images from the database.

So, consumers will get useful and interesting services, big vendors will get an opportunity to sell new cameras and on-line service can be popular if people like idea to exchange pictures this way or go for virtual sightseeing.

sergeyt22, Apr 05 2006

Lazy Tourist Cam Lazy_20Tourist_20Cam
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Context Watcher http://www.ist-mobi...iew&id=70&Itemid=58
The Context Watcher is a mobile application that aims is to make automatic recording, storage, and usage of context information easy for the end-user. [PROZAK, Apr 06 2006]


       Not bad, here's the first half of your quassant.
zeno, Apr 05 2006

       Please hit enter and insert some paragraph breaks, so I can read it and give you your pastry.
normzone, Apr 05 2006

       nice, similar to many other HB ideas, with slightly different twist. Suggest category "culture:website:photo" to fit in with the sibling ideas.
sophocles, Apr 06 2006

       to normzone:   

       hit and inserted. Please, review! :-)
sergeyt22, Apr 07 2006


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