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forbidden photography

Website to showcase forbidden photography
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Why is photography not allowed in museums, concerts, subways, and other venues? A photo of a Picasso without the flash does no harm, a picture of a band isn't like a bootleg video, and a strange subway occurence captured on film doesn't automatically make someone a terrorist. Censorship is heavily practiced in China, and with all the rules against cameras in America, we the people need to fight back before we start becoming more and more like out communist friends.

A website where people can upload pictures they've sneaked in off-limits areas seems like an unoriginal idea, but after some googling I can't find anything. Someone should start an open forbidden photography forum!

StorDuff, Jul 25 2005

flickr pool: You can't take pictures here! http://www.flickr.c...nttakepictureshere/
There are other groups devoted to this subject, but this one seems to be the largest cluster. [jutta, Feb 07 2006]


       Is this a rant?
ldischler, Jul 25 2005

       No, there's galleries of cogs and gears online even, this seems like a perfectly valid idea that doesn't have a site yet, and would especially be appreciated by photography buffs.
StorDuff, Jul 25 2005

       Is there such a thing as forbidden photography? If so, where would the server be hosted?   

       Regardless, child pornography is out there, and is rightfully illegal everywhere. This idea is silliness.
contracts, Jul 26 2005

       The MTA is proposing a ban on non-press photography.   

       I don't know how child pornography pertains to this as the idea was photographing in areas that are off limits due to exhibit policy or city photography in areas that will soon be heavily discouraging it, not taking pictures that are inherently in violation of federal law.
StorDuff, Jul 26 2005

       If it had its own website it wouldn't be forbidden and the universe would vanish in a puff of paradoxical smoke.
pooduck, Jul 26 2005

       Seems like a perfectly valid site to me, too. So why don't you start it?
DrCurry, Jul 26 2005

       Yes, I agree with the Doctor.   

       In the case of photography of art there are often copyright issues at play.
bristolz, Jul 26 2005

       //becoming more and more like out communist friends.//
I take extreme objection to this statement as there have been a total of (let's add it up:Socialist + Communist Governments ever to be in existence in modern taught history: = A BIG FAT GOD DAMN ZERO.)
Bone for you as I'm fucking sick & tired of this ignorance.
The Words those in power claim don't neccesarily portray the truth of the situation.

       (Zimmy must be going through the male version of PMS, evident by all of the foul mouthed things he's said that were deleted & you'll ne'er know.)
Zimmy, Jul 26 2005

       I want to take a picture of that bit at the cinema before the start of the film which tells you not to take pictures.   

       But I never quite dare.
Loris, Jul 26 2005

       I took some secret photos of steel mills in China and South Africa, but I don't think anyone would be interested in them.
Ling, Jul 26 2005

       I quite like this I must say - it's subversive but not harmful in any way that I can see. You will probably find that the submissions are largely illegal as people like to try and push the boundaries - so make sure your server's in Russia or somewhere. Pictures of military installations etc. will be harder to come by than those from inside galleries and the like as most people will risk getting kicked out of a gallery but not getting picked up by military police. I can't think of anything 'forbidden' that I really want to see, but I suspect human ingenuity will come up with some cool stuff. Make sure the site is well moderated, porn free and only features good photos (no mobile phone shots) and you should be onto a winner.
wagster, Jul 26 2005

       I once lost the film from my camera after taking a flash photo inside a standing room only, out of order bus being pushed by ground personnel from the plane to the terminal at an airport in Mozambique.
FarmerJohn, Jul 26 2005

       Many third world countries do not allow photos at airports or military installations. And their old and new world counterparts are getting antsy about them.
DrCurry, Jul 26 2005

       I think cell phone cameras would be an important source of imagery. The photos don't need to be of high-quality in themselves, just the subject matter.
bristolz, Jul 26 2005

       [FarmerJohn] Flash is evil. Expose for the shadows. Push process. Use 3200 black and white film.
normzone, Jul 26 2005

       Elegantly subversive [+]
Basepair, Jul 26 2005

       If the MTA ever does ban subway photography it will probably hurt tourism more than stop terrorism (I see people taking pictures at the 59th St. 1 station at Columbus Circle all the time). As for photography in prohibited areas, it is probably listed on the web as something else (example: abandoned buildings that prohibit tresspassing) or are copyrighted or useless/boring.
MrDaliLlama, Jul 27 2005


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