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Photo and Video Reviews

Reviews of your work by non-idiots, quickly.
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If you post your video on youtube you can expect pages and pages of flame wars in the comments, which progress into a neonazi redneck vs european comment war, nomatter what the content of the video is. Likewise on a photo site your pictures can disappear into oblivion with only a couple people even seeing them before they get pushed down to search result #1938583920.

There should be a website where you can post your material and within a half hour or so it will be reviewed by 10 people who are paid to look at pictures & video and rate them from 1-10, and maybe provide feedback. That way before you enter it in a serious contest or something you know if the photo/video is a realistic candidate. To avoid costs for these professional reviewers it could be semi-wiki style where reviewers volunteer, and are expelled if they don't review well enough. In addition to avoiding comment wars and such this site would save people from thinking their work is the-best-thing-ever which they may believe if they go by the comments of friends and family.

DIYMatt, May 18 2009


blissmiss, May 18 2009

       What if the only volunteers to do professional reviewing for free are neo-nazi rednecks and europeans?
bungston, May 18 2009


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