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joke injection

make apps more fun to interact with
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you get to watch, listen to or read relevant funny messages, interactively, while filling in your budget, counting carbs and even while compiling your code.

You can limit the content according to your preferences, and share your own.

pashute, Mar 01 2015


       A funny thing happened on my way to the compiler this morning. I had just < inject joke here > ...
popbottle, Mar 01 2015

       At the level of cracker jokes, this would be too easy. To make the jokes funny, for a particular user in a particular context - that would be an interesting AI / Big Data challenge.
pertinax, Mar 01 2015

       Enabling this could be dangerous. We already get to do that, but at the cost of accomplishing the task we are paid / nagged to do. For example halfbaking right now instead of those other 3 things.   

       Many apps one uses to do work are happy to show you relevant messages, sometimes funny, advertising upgrades or paid versions of their product.
bungston, Mar 01 2015

       Why did the paid version of the product cross the road?
pashute, Mar 15 2015

       New level of cutting edge hardware.
wjt, Mar 17 2015

       Because you got the upgrade?
bungston, Mar 17 2015

       Didya hear the one about the electricity company with the more environmentally-friendly distribution network? They sent this lass around to get me to sign up. Her business card said "Anne, of Green Cables".   

       <bloodnock>I'm in condition today</bn>
not_morrison_rm, Mar 17 2015

       Error: Cannot compile line 72 because of a paradox. On the one hand the code is missing a semicolon on the previous line. So actually there is no error on line 72. But the compiler error itself is on line 72. Please resolve by adding a semicolon, or using a different compiler.
pashute, Mar 25 2015

       New genre of lines:   

       Why didn't the compiler insert the semicolon?
pashute, Mar 25 2015


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