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Google Night View

Like street view, only at night
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The world is a very different place at night, and since I only really use Street View to spot obvious landmarks for navigation, the evening shroud negates this use completely. However, brightly coloured shop/bar lights would be far easier to spot amid the gloom, so I'd like the Google Cars to drive around again and take photos of everything in the dark. Then a simple click changes the Street View to the Night View.
theleopard, Dec 22 2009

bird's eye view http://maps.google....=12,229.46,,0,-17.5
[po, Dec 23 2009]

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       infra red or cat's vision?
po, Dec 22 2009

       The Google image processing algorithms may be able to pick out lights or things which might be lights from a daytime image and simulate a night-time view. To do this properly though it would be best to have the Google cars drive around and experience every possible combination of time of day and weather in every location, so you'd be able to call up Google Rainy Twilight View, for example.
hippo, Dec 22 2009

       Google Fog View would be quick and easy to implement ....
8th of 7, Dec 22 2009

       Google "turn your monitor brightness down"? (+)
Jinbish, Dec 22 2009

       Yes [po], this'd be perfect for Vegas.   

       And [hippo], I knew you someone was going to suggest some kind of all-weathers, all-times version. Your anno was the equivalent of the QI alarm going off in my head.
theleopard, Dec 23 2009

hippo, Dec 23 2009

       It's always struck me as odd that the whole of the planet on Google Earth is in daylight. Have they got secret extra suns that they haven't told us about or something?
nineteenthly, Dec 23 2009

       [Ian], it's big, but far away
pocmloc, Dec 23 2009

       The ones nearby are very small .....
8th of 7, Dec 23 2009


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