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Google pursuit

Dynamic infographics in Google maps
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Where is that white Bronco going? Where did that landslide go?

Dynamic infographics in Google maps with mobile realtime hotspots that you can latch your view on to, somewhat like "track orbit" in Celestia.

Follow progress live on formula one races, horse races even, sailing events.

Or maybe historical recreations like Maghellans voyage, the voyage of the Beagle, Napoleons journey over the Alps, the Adenne offensive, Waterloo, D-Day?

Ehrm, Mar 10 2006

Inspired on this idea GoogleTracks
[Ehrm, Mar 10 2006]

Celestia http://www.pcworld....9600,RSS,RSS,00.asp
[Ehrm, Mar 10 2006]

Animated News Globe Animated_20News_20Globe
Nearly redundant with this idea [hippo, Mar 10 2006]


       [+] for fitting a ABBA song into this idea.
skinflaps, Mar 10 2006

       Just figure out how to build fly-throughs in Google Earth, then save and share them.
baconbrain, Mar 11 2006


DesertFox, Mar 11 2006


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